Enchanting bugged?

playing a lvl 94 nec.
i am about to change my built. since 5 days i am farming mats to get the affixes i want on my gear… it is unpayable.
to get critchance on a ring it did cost me 240 million gold… + approx 450 veiled cristals
on my boots i want movementspeed… already did spent 240 veiled cristals… for movementspeed on boots. all the rest affixes except of the original main affixes are showing up several times before i even see on of the old main affixes. This must be a bug. the Odds cannot be balanced there…
Anyone else made that experience? and i know that they changed enchantig mechanics. but i believe they made mistakes again and the odd for getting the itemspecific main affixes are lower now then getting the rest…

sry this is the german forum

only german forum? habs in englisch geschrieben um möglichst schnell eine antwort zu bekommen

dann schreibs deutsch wenn dus auf englisch schreibst, dann poste es doch es gleich im us-forum