Balance issue in EU region


I’m from Georgia (EU) and my balance is in RUB. Besides that Georgia and Russia have problems of political aspect, in country we do not trade in RUBs in our daily lives. Main currencies are GEL, USD, EUR.
So why do I have RUBs in my shop?
I don’t even know the exchange rate so each time I’m interested in something I need to check out rates. Plus everything in RUBs seem more expensive because of their high exchange rate. Plus my funds must be converted to RUBs when paying since I never have RUBs on any of my accounts.
For example on Steam prices are in USD so everything goes just perfect when I purchase a game.
So all that being said this is really bad experience for me and I’m sure for each and every user from my country.
Is there a way to fix this?


Greetings, კაი გამარჯობა ბატონო ) so i am not alone here? ) here is same problem from our brother/sister from Ukraine.


Blizzard when you will fix your shop?