not launching games

My will not open games. Every time I try to open one it does not open and eventually freezes my machine to where I cannot even ctrl+alt+delete or anything. Also everytime I relaunch it it says all my games have updates but then when I try to update them and there is no update. No downloading…no fetching indicies…nothing. And don’t tell me to fucking god damn uninstall and reinstall ok pumpkins? Thanks.

Update: It finally opened up HOTS but it didn’t make it to the menu screen without turning my screen totally back and refused to be minimized and refused to let me go to my desktop.


This forum is for providing feedback on the Battle.Net launcher to Blizzard; they rarely respond here.

I think you should be seeking help in the Technical Support forum of one of the games that doesn’t launch; for example, the HotS Technical Support forum is here:

Hopefully, you can get things sorted out there.

Yea I have deleted and redownloaded everything and it does not work. There are no updates despite what the game wants to tell me. It also shows updates on retail, classic, and WC3, but there are none. It does not download anything, it does not even fetch indicies. There are no updates so I don’t understand why it tries to update them.

Try this.If you’re using a VPN, try removing it. Check your network configuration to find any issues with your firewall, router, or port settings. Try running the game on an administrator account to resolve permissions issues. Uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop app may resolve rare launcher issues.
I find this info,If%20you’re%20using%20a%20VPN%2C%20try%20removing%20it.,may%20resolve%20rare%20launcher%20issues read link maybe you find more information and this help you.