Call of duty : warzone crash

i installed game and played it then i changed my battlenet account. After that the game has gone i mean it is still in my disc :c but battle net is downloading it again. I scanned many times in both accounts but it is still downloading like there is no game. It says 87 GB remaining :smiley: how can i fix this please help me.

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Hi, I get fatal error amdxc64.dll error upon login, I could not solve what I did, please help?


game wont go past loading screen but i can hear everyone jump form plane, drivers are updates


Hey, hab gestern Warzone also MW runtergeladen und immer wenn ich das Tutorial starte crasht irgendwann im Tutorial das Spiel. Es ist nicht immer zum selben Zeitpunkt aber ich komme nie durchs Tutorial. Ich habe die neusten Geforce Treiber und Grafik auf LOW gestellt. Ich erfülle mit der GTX1060 auch die mindest Anforderungen

Ich brauche dringend Hilfe weil ich kann so gar nicht spielen und nicht leveln:

Danke im Voraus,


You smell like krenvirshi s chesan i luta chushka.

Hey everyone,

For any installation or patching issues with games on the Blizzard launcher, check out this support article for more information and troubleshooting steps: Troubleshooting Installation and Patching.

For any issues launching Call of Duty games after installation, or game crashes, you’ll need to contact Activision support directly. You can read more about this here: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Freezing or Crashing.

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After a 8 hours downloading the game is crashing and the inside game mouse is lagging a little bit when u open doors or smt everything else is awesome :smile:

did you get a solution???

I had no problem loading the game, but when I enter the game, I get the error code after entering the training section, please wait. I get the error code that freezes and throws out after the game is written, please help. fatal error amdxc64.dll. and fatal code 0x00007ffbab694980 7505236 0xc0000005


I get that error too. Did you fix it ? And how ? Help me pls

amdxc64.dll warzone problem:

Update your graphics card drivers! I had this problem and it has already been solved

Plz, don’t try to reduce the damage, theres a lot of ppl with the same problem, and this u post don’t serve for nothing.

Please fix the random crash in-game. I did every fix tutorial I see but still the random crashes occurs. Im hoping to fix it ASAP, thanks in advance BLIZZARD. By the way I want to play this game so bad its too awesome.

Warzone crashing to desktop right after launching. When on cinematics(Activision logo) or when in menu(first sound setting) game crash to desktop without error. Nvidia drivers and Windows are up to date


exactly the same for me… i have an above average pc shouldnt do that, some conflict with the nvidia graphic i guess, my friend in BO4 had problems with AMD graphic in the launch week but he had an error and we dont have any error its weird.

An einem NVIDIA-Grafik konflikt liegt es nicht, hatte das Problem auch erst, bin dann mit den Treibern auf Nr. Sicher gegangen und hab die neuste version einfach nochmal installiert, seit dem geht alles.

same here…after i jump in plane and got to ground…the game freezes then crash to desktop without any error message. Don’t worry blizzard are aware of this…give them time…for now they are avoiding to get COVID-19…they’ll fix it no matter what…

Dont lose hope… :slight_smile:

Hi, i Already research all fixes that the forums show me and that the support recommended aswell, and i nothing worked.
i have a nvidia GTX 1080, intel I7-8700k and 16G Ram a Rog Maximus X Hero, i think im over the recommended to play.
My drivers seems to be all up to date, i tried to delete files and scan repair the game several times and didnt worked aswell, and close all softwares before tried to play, if theres any other way to fix it please tell me i would like to try the game.


It’s ingame problem, need to wait wile activision fixed it.

Im getting the same results.
Most the time i cant get past the activation logo screen.
Although im not arsed atm.
give it a few weeks and activation will confirm the error. then another 2 months later there may be a fix. << This is for when you buy a game from them. Warzone is FTP so your probs looking at around 9 - 12 months for a fix. Hence why Warzone is the first game iv had from activision since around 2003. Id recomend going over to EA and play BF. Although there money grabbers like activision they tend to look after the guys who need help.

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