Cant Start Black ops Cold War Beta (got Gifted)

I cant start the Beta, all my comrads can play and i cant even click the start Button, its Greyed out.


exactly same for me.

Thnk God im not the only one. You got it Gifted too ?

Yes, my little brother bought me the game, he have ultimate edition and he bought me the standard

which Country ? you living ?

France and you ? …

Switzerland, but a Friend of me, living in Switzerland too, can play without any Problems.

Yes, my little brother can play the game too… Im sad x)

We need to Contact Aktivision or something…

Yeah i already contacted the support…

Same…was gifted, but can’t play…box is greyed out :sleepy:

did you get any answers ?

Not now :confused: I am very disappointed with services of


Feeling with you, im so mad right now. i was prepared for a night without ending

Ahaha exactly same for me ! i hope i could play it tonight

How do you even contact these guys? try to start a support ticket and it just loops around to visit the website for more info…

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Ask raven i tryed it to too creat a ticket

can some explain wtf is happening

??? :smiley:

Live Chat
Open: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM BST
Phone Callback

Well this looks promising…end live chat at 4…release game at 6…hmmm