Cant Start Black ops Cold War Beta (got Gifted)

guys, my friend aren’t buying pre-order and is he can play beta?

you need to buy it or get gifted to play it today, open beta is at saturday.

I’ve sent a support ticket…but it says Estimated response time: 24 hours…back to warzone then lol

who can gifted for me?

Ask your friends not us wtf :rage:

no bro sorry for my english, who can gif me? or can someone buy gift (not full game)

what do you mean with /Gift/

you say ( you need to buy it or get gifted to play it today, open beta is at saturdarday), i have’t pre order in cold war and i haven’t gift, and can i play open beta?

ahhh ofc you can play on Saturday 7 in the evening.

without gif and pre order? yes?

yes without spending a cent

okey so after 2 days i can play, thanks

i cant get it to work either, its in red on my launcher in game. Why spend £50 for the beta to not work, load of garbage.

some news on your site ?

we finally get the beta on pc, and the whole support is doin vacation today im getting so mad right away, why is a small indie company like blizzard not here for costemers in problems

because they were bought by Activision, who must feed their shareholders.

i bought the bete but its not working for me too

got the same issue. had this game gifted to me from my brother and i cant even play it. frustrating mess up on your part blizzard!!!

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blizzard is a joke same happened with me

so i found this on reddit and it worked for me
feel free guys

Go to

2.Click your Name Go To Account Settings

  1. Go To Account Details

  2. Scroll Until You See Receive News and Special Offers From Blizzard

  3. If its Checked click update then recheck it if not just check it

It should let you play the BETA