Character boost

Hey. I’m aware of Blizzards policy towards refunding and retroactively altering character boosts. However, I still think they should reconsider, due to the sheer amount of people mistakenly boosting to the wrong server / faction, or a wrong class / race.

Personally, I boosted a rogue to 58 and instantly regretted it. After pressing the button, I knew right away that this was a mistake; I should have boosted a warrior. Also, a friend of mine was supposed to come play with me, but he boosted to the wrong faction.

Simple, avoidable mistakes? Yes. Could we have planned and thought of this a while longer to make an educated choice on what and where to boost? Yes. Could Blizzard review their policy towards reverting character boosts to help their loyal, (monthly) paying customers with a rather annoying problem? Also yes.

For example, <1 hour played boosted characters would be eligible for a one-time-only character boost revert.

Hello EmperorBush,

We do offer a refund as an exception, in the case where a TBC boost has been used to the wrong character, faction etc. You need to reach out to our support for this however, from here.

Please note, that this is done on a case by case basis, depending on a few things, and it is in no way a guarantee that we will be able to provide a refund.