CoD Cheaters and Hackers

It´s unbelievable how a Company like Blizzard won million dollars, won thousands of gamers with games like Call of Duty, and can’t do nothing to stop people who do not play fair in this platform.
Those who want to spend a time playing FPS games, start to get tired of situations like this and I bet, from now Blizzard will lose so many players for other games with is a shame because CoD it is a good game but it seems that don’t have co-workers, or money to buy some and build a perfect anti-cheat program.
It’s not the players function to report cheaters, it’s YOU duty to build a anti-cheat program to stop unfair players to play this game.
Once again, this is a shame for you and you are the one who will lose with this kind of thoughts.
Or Blizzard start to do something about it, or other FPS games will start to rise more than you think.

Regards from a very old CoD player.


Today, unhappily, I removed COD from my computer due to the cheaters. I am so angry and tired to play against cheaters for 7-8 month. And a huge company like BLIZZARD&ACTIVISION can’t resolve this ?? Still??
That’s why I didn’t prefer to buy the game. Maybe one day, when you resolve this.

they even ban me for no resone with max 20 hours of game play :smiley: its like i am lvl 1 but thats not skills thats hacks xD

I agree with you after 20 year of FPS games player. They are hungry only for money,money and mooore money. No more fun like at the begining. See Unreal tournament, doom 1992,half life, master of FPS -Quake…etc

been an fps gamer for many years from sof ,bhd, and the last 2 games warzone and black ops seem to have lost its fun now that steam isnt form of it very sad to see its all money and not player base anymore