CoD Cheaters and Hackers

It´s unbelievable how a Company like Blizzard won million dollars, won thousands of gamers with games like Call of Duty, and can’t do nothing to stop people who do not play fair in this platform.
Those who want to spend a time playing FPS games, start to get tired of situations like this and I bet, from now Blizzard will lose so many players for other games with is a shame because CoD it is a good game but it seems that don’t have co-workers, or money to buy some and build a perfect anti-cheat program.
It’s not the players function to report cheaters, it’s YOU duty to build a anti-cheat program to stop unfair players to play this game.
Once again, this is a shame for you and you are the one who will lose with this kind of thoughts.
Or Blizzard start to do something about it, or other FPS games will start to rise more than you think.

Regards from a very old CoD player.


Today, unhappily, I removed COD from my computer due to the cheaters. I am so angry and tired to play against cheaters for 7-8 month. And a huge company like BLIZZARD&ACTIVISION can’t resolve this ?? Still??
That’s why I didn’t prefer to buy the game. Maybe one day, when you resolve this.


they even ban me for no resone with max 20 hours of game play :smiley: its like i am lvl 1 but thats not skills thats hacks xD

I agree with you after 20 year of FPS games player. They are hungry only for money,money and mooore money. No more fun like at the begining. See Unreal tournament, doom 1992,half life, master of FPS -Quake…etc

been an fps gamer for many years from sof ,bhd, and the last 2 games warzone and black ops seem to have lost its fun now that steam isnt form of it very sad to see its all money and not player base anymore

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Cold war could be a great game if it wasn’t for the incompetance of the developers for not including an anti-cheat. Sadly this will now be my last purchase of a COD game and I’ll play the legacy CODs that still rely on dedicated servers (remember those) at least these are policed.
Also. Steam is a much better platform than and does at least have some kind of anti-cheat system in place.


It’s a joke I play Domination 90% of the time and it’s parity much every 5th game there is a plane as your eyes someone using a wallhack sometimes the aimbots gets used and I have a list of players that I ban because I think they might be a cheat so when that player joins a game it askes me if I want to leave so then I record the game and watch it back to make sure it’s not just the kills they get its the amount of captures the only way to get that many is to know where the enemy is and kill the ones nearest the flag point now I know there are bloody good players out there god I have had 30 kills to 3 deaths and I’m 53 and then it’s the amount of so called members these cheat sites have as well. so no Activision nor Raven want to stop the cheating because lets say a mass ban happens call it 50K and say 30K have the free game then there is the 20K who paid for the game and out of them say 10K have the insurance with the cheat site then there is 10K who have to go out and buy a new game and the wheel keeps turning so no its the last thing they want is a hardware ban which is just as easy as it its with Xbox link it to the motherboard and presto they want to play again they need a new motherboard so no I will never buy another COD game and advise people not to get it because of PC cheaters and then there is this little devise for the console players to cheat with

" Both console systems use the Cronus Zen to enable the aimbots (aim assist) with no recoil inside any game you play. Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Fortnite are the most popular" so its not just PC players who cheat
I have 10 recordings of player of the game you can see it working there is no recoil at all and the aimbots so clear it is a joke.

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I am sick of call of duty. they have a great game but have let greed get in the way of hackers. I want to play a game with fair play but it seems the hackers have won its a shame as I thought a company like Blizzard, Activision and developers like raven had morals but have chosen the side of the hackers. I have been playing warzone since it started and have enjoyed it and the hackers have sucked the joy out of the game now . RIP Call of Duty You have messed it up for all the true gamers out there. hope you enjoy the money you have made from the hackers.

seems vanguard has be taken over by the same bullshit hackers and cronus noob such a sad way to end cod life

refund the game 2 players until this beta game is over plz many cheaters and bugs in this game:(