COD download speed.. Again

And yet again cod is downloading at less than 1mb… Sort it out Blizzard we are getting fed up of this now.


Blizzard should be ashamed…Every single time we get a new season my download speed is no higher than 1mb. absolute joke!


It gets worse and worse every new season for me and if I write a ticket they just say it is my ISP but if I download something from Uplay or steam I get 8-9 mb a sec and if I download from microsoft store I get 40-50 mb a sec. I have now stoipped buying skins for warzone until they sort this out


Same problem here. Just downloaded updates from Steam and for Valorant and I got 8-9 MBps. I just bought CoD Modern Warfare and I’m getting around 140KBps.
The speed did max out at 1.8 MBps but quickly resumed back to slow speeds again.
This is completely ridiculous.


im currently having the same issues, this time im getting 0. wtf is going on?


try asia region mine is at 7mb downlaod now

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Ok, Just fixed my download speed by using VPN and connecting from the US. Now I’m getting around 5MBps. So far so good.
Really frustrating that I have to use VPN to get good download speeds and this still doesn’t negate the huge file size of updates.
Why can’t they compress the updates?

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went from being on a 600kb download to 17mb just by using a VPN thanks for the information much appreciated, don’t see why they can’t sort their shit out though this has been going on for months now and only an issue with CoD my other games never have an issue downloading.

so i can’t download on servers in europe. just asia and there just with like 1.6 mb/s and i have much higher speed at other launchers

Nice a day off work, its gaming time HA HA HA ha ha he ehm ???.
Wait ohh an, update 50Gb np.
100 kb/s ???
Well ty and other day off work, wasted on downloading.
Just great.


Aisa servers worked best for me i got 4.5mb/s and if it started to go slow just cap it to 100kb/s then put it back to 0 are it will speed up


True, but still with 4-5Mb/s it takes 2 long when full speed is 20MB/s.
I could be gaming right now.
Insted of trouble shooting or finding a work around the DL speed limet.
This is a reguler problem with big pach.


WTH… What is wrong with this first I thought it was my internet connection… Can we get this fixed…

Zrobiłem reinstalkę Batlle net i od kilku godzin mi ją aktualizuje.
Mam internet 300mb/sec ,wszystko działa elegancko…
Niestety Blizz musi to schrzanić,za każdym razem mają problem,szczerze pisząc nie wiem do kogo się zwrócić,bo Blizz ma jedno wyjaśnienie.
Problem leży zawsze po stronie gracza ZAWSZE.
Wstyd żeby taki moloch nie potrafił sobie poradzić z serwerami.
Jak ktoś wie jak poradzić sobie z ponowną instalacją to proszę o poradę.

that Blizzard is pathetic :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

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Don’t bother trying to reinstall the app, it just breaks and wont even get past 0% when doing the startup downloads. Wonder how long its gonna take them to fix this one smh…

I am under 1mb speed for 50gb…We are gonna get there some day are two :smiley:
Its like watchen a hourglass.

is it ironic as soon as i downloaded a VPN the speed jumped up and all i did was install it… it seem, blizzard checks for vpn programs or some weird crap… its downloading fine now and ive not even opened the vpn…

This download speed is bull****…in 21st century you need 2 days to download 50GB update!!! But Still I don’t get it some people have normal download speed some are fu**** like most of us on this post? any explanations?

I have the same problem, I have 40mb/s connection, but COD update download speed is 300kb/s. I even can not disable update and must wait 2 days to play.
Are you crazy. If you have shit servers, the disable updates by country or region, to limit total connection. But It seems you just do not care :frowning: