Constant crashes on the latest patch

Starting last night (09/01/2022), on the latest patch of Overwatch, and regardless of level of graphics detail, windowed/borderless/fullscreen mode, or resolution, my game crashes with “Rendering device has been lost”.

In fullscreen, it crashed as soon as I entered a match, and then it began crashing as soon as I entered the main menu. After changing to borderless windowed mode, it managed to enter a match, and I played for about 2 - 3 minutes before it crashed.

My GPU (GTX 780 Ti) temperatures are between 50~55 in menus and 65 in an all-in team fight in a match.

My graphics drivers are up to date, and were reinstalled the morning of this post, and it made no difference to the crashing.

A potentially related issue is my icon appearing as a blank white page on my taskbar, but using the normal logo everywhere else on my computer.

I have tried scanning and repairing, and removed and reinstalled AND Overwatch, but the icon problem persists.

I read that I need to attach a MSInfo and dxdiag, but there are no options for attachments in this box. I have generated the files, I just need to know how to send them.

I would really appreciate some help, because I’m completely lost right now.


I have provided some information in reply to your post on the Overwatch forums.

Hopefully, that will be useful to you.

Good luck !

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Hi again:

You can try to manually reset it:

  • Launch the Battle.Net Desktop App as you would normally,
  • Right-click on the “blank white page” icon on your taskbar… a contextual menu will pop-up,
  • Right-click on “”… another menu will popup,
  • Click (left-click) on “Properties”… the Properties box will appear,
  • Highlight the “target” excluding the double quotes at the beginning and end of the path and copy it (Ctrl+c) to the clipboard,
  • Click on Change icon … the “Change icon” window will pop-up,
  • Replace the current path by the one you just copied – Use Delete to remove the path and Ctrl+v to paste the path you just copied,
  • The Battle.Net icon should now be available in the list of icons – on my system, there’s only one icon… click on it to select it. If the Battle.Net icon is not showing, use Esc twice to abort,
  • Click Ok to close the “Change icon” window, and again to close the “Properties” window.

You should now have the Battle.Net icon on your Windows taskbar.