D2 downloader update Mac

The other day I bought Diablo 2 from battle.net and downloaded the file, but when I open the zip, it gives me a downloader that’s outdated? So I wasted money on a game I can’t install… I recently upgraded my mac to Catalina and maybe it’s because of this? I really wanna play the game, so please help.


Hey there.

Quite an odd issue you have there as the installer from the website should be working fine. At what stage does it tell you the installer is out of date though? Additionally, try to work through some of the steps in this article as it can solve some of the more common issues.

Hopefully it does the trick so you can get it installed but if not, get back to us wither on this forum or with a ticket with some more information on the errors you are getting.

I tried everything in the article and still can’t make it work. The problem arises after I downloaded the game from the download page, I then open the downloaded file, which gives me a downloader that I can’t open as my computer says it needs to be updated by the developer and can’t be run until then.

Edit: So here seems to be the reason: “Starting with macOS Catalina, 32-bit apps are no longer compatible with macOS. If you have a 32-bit app, please check with the app developer for a 64-bit version.” From apple support. So the installer/app/downloader needs to be updated.

Super sorry for the late response on this thread. Thanks so much for the edit there and I have sent this along to the developers for you. Fingers crossed things can be updated soon :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. Just bought a copy of Diablo II and can’t install it. I keep getting the same message you are.

Hope Blizzard comes with a 64-bit app soon for this issue, otherwise I’ll have spent money for nothing.

Nearly same problem, i couldnt download the game no matter what

I also just purchased Diablo II, and unable to install the game. I get the message, “Downloader needs to be updated. The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this Mac OS. Contact the developer for more information.” I have the latest Mac OS Catalina (Version 10.15.1). Blizzard should refund if they don’t update the Downloader soon, because there was no warning about this problem when I purchased the game.

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Yes, i have the same problem after installing new OS Catalina. Hope Blizzard overcome this this issue. Thanks in advance

i have the exact same issue, i just sent a system report and a lengthy report of what happened. really hope it gets resolved, would love to play in anticipation of D4. Would be gutted if i couldn’t :frowning:

same issue for me, can’t install on Catalina

Per Blizzard technical specialist, Mac OS Catalina ended support of 32-bit applications, and Diablo 2 will no longer run on systems running Catalina due to it being a 32 bit program. The workaround they suggested for the time being is to roll back to Mac OS Mojave or earlier, or to run the game off “Bootcamp”. I’m not doing either, so I requested and got a refund.

So, this has been a known issue for over a month and still no fix? IS this going to get addressed?

Any updates on this?

I have the same issue. Just purchased Diablo 2. It’s been three months and there’s no fix for this yet? Should we request a refund?

same issue for me too

If this other thread is of any indication, we will be waiting for quite a while… https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/t/diablo-2-not-working-on-latest-mac-os-catalina/820

Admins…the last update everyone had was on the 19th Oct. Some people paid for D2 to play it on Mac, when will you update the installer application to 64bit??? You have customers that paid for the game to play it on Mac. It’s an old game, it shouldn’t take long to do it! I know it’s not a priority but I am certain your corporation will find a few hours to do this project ! Fix it or take it out !!! At least give us an update !


Same here, not working on macOS Catalina due to 32 bit support drop by Apple.

Hey Blizzard, please fix it. We still love your old games and we want to play it!

Dam It!! I just purchased the game as well I cant even play it!!! :frowning: is there an update to this issue please HELP!!

I’m having the same problem. Bought the game years ago, played it on Mac before but uninstalled it and now I’m wanting to play again and I can’t play. Blizzard can you please help, we still love Diablo 2 and want to play it. Can you update us on the issue at least please?