D2R all characters gone (online)


I was just joigning a game when a crash occured.
Now when i log back, all my D2R online characters are gone…

Is it a maintenance or something ? What can I do ?
(And yes I chose the right region)

/edit : My chars came back after several hours, thanks

Idem pour moi 4 perso de perdu. Je commence à en avoir sérieusement marre de tous ses bugs. A l instant t plus de 100h de jeux pour rien une honte qui est de plus en plus frequente

my sorc orb/fire lev 79 vanised too

aaaaand it’s gooone.

all mine are gone too

I don’t even see the characters and I can’t create. Today on Hell difficulty I played my Druid character act II, I died and I got a crash and after that the corpse gave my sword and shield back everything else was gone. 1 magefist, 2 rings, 1 necklace, set belt, set shoes 1 chest armor all gone

Just happened to me 10 min. ago


Me too, all my caracter gone… Serously, the game work better in 2000 than now…


plus de contenu de coffre également

It is due to server is down, so your game cant load your characters.
But when EU server is back online… who knows?

mis dos personajes en línea que tenía han desaparecido

after game crash the game cannot be updated. I hope all charekters all there.
Please help.


Cannot connect to both EU and Americas Diablo 2 R Battle Net servers - down detector is showing over 200 reports about this now

I log in and my main char was gone it was sorc lvl 89 with all the good items… blizzard hello???

We are only able to provide assistance with our Classic Games via this forum. The issue being reported is related to an emergency maintenance that was required for Diablo II Resurrected.

Please use the Diablo II Resurrected forum for issues related to that game. A post regarding the maintenance can be found below.