Diablo 2 BATTLE.net connection problem

I had my VPN open and did not know that diablo 2 bans you when you use VPN. Now the question is , how long am i banned? I was banned on 19-6-2020 or 20-6-2020 i think. Because when i click on battle.net it says: ‘‘Check versions…’’ and after a while it says that it cannot connect try another time.

Can a admin check for me how long i am banned? It is the first time i installed diablo 2 with a originel cd key since years. And it’s disapointing that i cannot log in to battle net…

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Most bans like this are for 14 days, so you should be able to log in on the game again on the 3/4th of July now.

Make sure the VPN is off though next time you try to connect to the game.

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hello i get the errior failed to connect to battle -.net.

can you check if my cd key is banned or why i cant login plz?


They won’t answer you dude it’s so sad

Similar problem here. i Got 2 computers 2 keys and i cannot log in on any of them. You punish fair people, but hundreds of bots with multi-clients are running. Just check and diabaal or baal runs. 5 bots per game even the lvling services.


After 2 weeks my ban was lifted and i played battle.net online. This time without a VPN. Unfortunatly i am banned again because of to fast creating games and changing chars. It says the following error when i click on battle.net says the following:

“You were disconnected from battle.net. please reconnect.”

The ban is now like 2 days… and my question is till when will the ban stay?

I have the same problem but I don’t use any bots or hacks and I don’t really understand why! Yes I might changed between few characters but not that much that it deserves a ban. Can anyone help me or tell me for how long will I have this restriction ?

When you change character too fast or leave join a game too fast you will get banned. You must wait like 30 sec or more before you click on a new screen. I am banned since 2 days and i personally think this ban period will take a week or two…

I hope a blizzard team member can give a answer how long we need to wait.

2 weeks past and still can’t login :sob:

I have the same problem, what in the world is going on ?

CZaroslaw, your IP suspension expired last night so you should be able to log in today, just make sure you’re not using any VPN/proxies when connecting as they may have been the reason for the restriction (they often are).

In this case IceDragon you are currently restricted from accessing the Diablo II servers. You can read more about these Temporary Restrictions online, and hopefully you can avoid it in the future.

Your restriction in this case is for 14 days and not for 48 hours though, so you will need to wait until the 31st of July.

Sir, I can’t log in from 02/07/2020 and it’s 17/07/2020 and I still get a message that I lost connection to battle.net, please reconnect.

What can I do at this point?

Something is happening when you connect, specifically this cannot be revealed, however, using a VPN or Proxy has been known to cause issues. You can read more about the Temporary Restrictions and why they are put in place here: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/000119708

For now you will need to wait until they are removed (on the 31st of July) and try again to connect.

I do not use VPN or a Proxy, I just use a regular internet supplier in UK at home.
I do not use any Bots or Map hacks, like I mentioned before I might’ve been switching between characters in fast manner as I was trading with people but I had never any intentions to cheat.

So basically whenever I try to reconnect and I still can’t I have to wait another two weeks without trying to reconnect on Diablo ? So I have to wait now until 2 weeks and then try to reconnect ? but within that time I’m not allowed to try to reconnect? I will try again to reinstall the game but I am completely lost why is this happening to me ?

Then it could have been the fast game creation, you may want to avoid doing that in the future.

Could you please answer my questions?

  • Am I allowed to try to reconnect within’ those two weeks?
  • Does my account still exist ?

Please give me a bit more explanations.

  1. You won’t be able to connect, but you can try for sure.
  2. Your account should still exist depending when you last logged in, remember D2 accounts are deleted after 90 days of inactivity.

So why I’m not able to connect after two weeks, and you are asking me to wait another two weeks without being able to connect to battle.net?

What if there is something different that is causing this?

Like I said before. I have this problem since 02/07 now is 18/07 and you are telling me that I need to wait two weeks more! What details do you need to tell me what is really wrong with my battle.net account?

Please give me more information.

Kind regards.

So I just re bought D2 and LOD because some friends wanted to play again. I did this while at my work during some down time. So you are telling me I now have to wait a minimum of a week to try again because I wasn’t using residential internet access? That is absolute garbage and such an awful way to remember D2 which used to be such a fun game. Tried to open a ticket but you basically need my first born to get through to anyone. Absolutely ridiculous. This is a great example why I will not buy any future games from Blizzard.