Diablo 2 BATTLE.net connection problem

I had my VPN open and did not know that diablo 2 bans you when you use VPN. Now the question is , how long am i banned? I was banned on 19-6-2020 or 20-6-2020 i think. Because when i click on battle.net it says: ‘‘Check versions…’’ and after a while it says that it cannot connect try another time.

Can a admin check for me how long i am banned? It is the first time i installed diablo 2 with a originel cd key since years. And it’s disapointing that i cannot log in to battle net…

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Most bans like this are for 14 days, so you should be able to log in on the game again on the 3/4th of July now.

Make sure the VPN is off though next time you try to connect to the game.

hello i get the errior failed to connect to battle -.net.

can you check if my cd key is banned or why i cant login plz?


They won’t answer you dude it’s so sad

Similar problem here. i Got 2 computers 2 keys and i cannot log in on any of them. You punish fair people, but hundreds of bots with multi-clients are running. Just check and diabaal or baal runs. 5 bots per game even the lvling services.

After 2 weeks my ban was lifted and i played battle.net online. This time without a VPN. Unfortunatly i am banned again because of to fast creating games and changing chars. It says the following error when i click on battle.net says the following:

“You were disconnected from battle.net. please reconnect.”

The ban is now like 2 days… and my question is till when will the ban stay?

I have the same problem but I don’t use any bots or hacks and I don’t really understand why! Yes I might changed between few characters but not that much that it deserves a ban. Can anyone help me or tell me for how long will I have this restriction ?

When you change character too fast or leave join a game too fast you will get banned. You must wait like 30 sec or more before you click on a new screen. I am banned since 2 days and i personally think this ban period will take a week or two…

I hope a blizzard team member can give a answer how long we need to wait.