Diablo 2 - Can't send messages in game

Hi, my name is Gustav and I’m currently having a big issue with my Diablo 2 game. I constantly get muted from sending messages in the in game chat and nothing I write will show up. Only using the overhead command (!message) can I communicate.

Sometimes this problem goes away, but it happens consistently enough to be a serious detriment to my enjoyment of the game. I have never spammed anything in any chat room, so I am uncertain what would cause this issue and concerned that my cd-key has been flagged as being used by a spam bot of some kind. The same thing happened last year which made me quit the game.

Thanks for any help

Hello GuZ!

We can’t check your cd keys via Forums, I would like to ask you however to check the information reported in this article, as they may clarify the situation a bit for you.

Please make sure to also click on the link you’ll find in the article as you’ll find more details there as well!

I have the same problem… Funny how the article given says that I am using third party software, spammed in chat or have a virus -.- which i diddnt… how am I able to trade stuff if I cant chat ingame?

Me too. I entered a trade game and couldn’t speak!

Practically do not speak either in the chat or in the game, I do not understand what has happened :worried:

Edit: When i log in battle.net i dont get this message and i can chat i lobby but not in game:

“Your account is muted. As a result you will no longer be able to chat to any other users or in any channels. However, you are permitted to play games or chat to other players in game.”

This Blizz employee sucks. basically said its your fault piss off. What the hell is the solution to this if we are not breaking your rules

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Yeah, this is crazy. It just happened to me yesterday and I’ve just encountered 3 other people who have the same problem since yesterday.

to the blizzard employee its not a cd key thing no one can chat in any games in daiblo 2 loby chat works but not when u join a game this is a big issues started on the 11th

Ive been playing this game for 20 years on and off and this has never happened to me. Cant chat at all. No communication in game at all. Nothing in the message log as well. Been playing on the same cd key since i was a kid. Any help would be great.


Can’t chat either…

Myself and other players appear to be unable to chat in games; it doesn’t appear to be CD key muting or anything like that.

Makes trading and other in game interactions difficult.

Hello folks, please see the following update on this:

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what going on i cant talk in game ?

I just bought this game few days ago but for some reason im not able to chat in game. Help Plz!

If I have had my CD key muted I want to know why. My in game chat wont work and i have no 3rd party software running. If I have to read some of the disgusting racist things that are in chat but then get muted myself I have a problem with your policies.

i also can not chat in game. do not use any maphacks or bots. i also do not run more than one character at one time.
Is this going to be resolved soon?

It’s broken for everyone and has been for several days. No idea why.

Chat still seems to be broken for me and others… any update on this?
I play on US WEST. (But I heard from other players that it broke on US EAST before US WEST had problems…)
Until I hear otherwise, I’ll just assume that it’s Y2K bug… +20 years #Y2K+20

having same problem where I have different keys that I use with sandboxie but I tested against all keys and i’m able to login to my same account with all those keys but no key allows me to speak. All purchased from blizzard directly so they’re legit keys only used by myself and never used with bots or any other programs.

I can chat via friend list msg but cannot chat in game. I can also chat in the lobby. Only in game chat is broken and it started a few weeks ago it seems.

The old ban-the-chat-but-don’t-tell-the-player-why trick. What a bunch of quackery. Blizzard also tacitly sanctions the use of bots (oh yes you do), and they run rampant on the servers. Players Just recently went through a period where it took 10 minutes to create a game…5K+ ques. And no explanation there either. Terms of Service IMHO go both ways. I expect fair quality and value for the service paid for. Apparently, someone’s not holding up to their end of Their contract. But then again, since the game’s inception…what’s new?

Still doesn’t address the reason why. The Terms of Service is so amorphous, parts could be interpreted by Blizzard any way they see fit. As for an explanation, heck, just bot a generic message to the player. That should be a breeze as Blizzard should be well versed on how bots operate by now.