Diablo 2 Still not working in belgium ! Fix this

Hello Guys ,

I’m still totally unsatisfied after so long …
The funny part is they blocked the biggest ISP ( TELENET ) in Belgium for the flemish part .

This issue is already know more then 1 year ago …
Why is this taking so much time when i was able to play with this ISP in the past .
I never changed ISP
Pls do something about this !

Here The answer after making 5 tickets …

Issue ID: #74504436
Your ticket has received the following response:


I am Game Master Vladosiky and I am here to address your Telenet connection concern!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Thierry. We have received other reports from Telenet customers that they are being blocked from accessing Battle.net for Diablo 2. It looks like this is an issue on our end that will need to be investigated further.

I have escalated the information to the Diablo 2 team to look into this further. Customer Service cannot remove this restriction as of right now, as it is directly related to your ISP connection. Even if we removed it, it would restrict you as soon as you tried to re-connect. We will need to resolve this problem on our end.

Once we hear back from the Diablo 2 team regarding this problem, I will reach out to you by email with an update. I currently do not have an estimated time frame on when this will be fixed, but as others are experiencing the same issue, I do hope this gets resolved quickly.

Thank you again for making us aware of this problem.

Take care and let us know if you ever need anything!

Click here to review and resolve your ticket. If you continue to experience issues, you can respond to your ticket with additional information.

If you do not resolve the ticket or provide an additional response within one week, we will resolve the ticket automatically and you’ll receive a final update via email.

Blizzard Support


Still not fixed, this is ridiculous…

This is hopeless… I have been trying for months… I’m so angry, so disappointed…

Hey , Can you tell me when you did the first ticket for this problem ?
I would like to know how long the D2 devs need to solve this issue ^^

so that’s what’s wrong. Been in contact with blizzard too but all i got was the advice to reinstall the game and try again a month later… djeez Blizzard fix this should be so hard to allow an ISP…

yep , if you are from belgium and you use TELENET you are not able to play this game .
At the moment you try to enter Bnet you receive a instant ban .
Normally after a month the ban is undone .But when you try again you are again banned . Nice loop ^^

Once again , Blizzard Do something .

Today 01 oktober 2020. Still not working. How long its bin? 12 months now? Rotzakken

Clearly @Blizzard isn’t caring much about people in the EU capital’s country. Noted…
People WANT to play your legend and new games. This way you are convincing them it is a bad idea! We’re asking a simple thing… open up our main ISP as it has been for decades now. That’s all…?!

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I’m also a Telenet-user.
I’m having this connection problem already for a long time.
I also made several tickets in the past but I gave up. As an individual, you can’t put any pressure. No matter the effort you make to explain the problem, you always got the same rediculous answers. Too bad. It’s totaly unfair but there are worse things in life.

i had given up too. But after a few months i gave it another try and started creating tickets again. The first one got a stupid answer. So i created a new one with a reference to the first one (basicly a pissed of reaction) and also to this thread. I was surprised to see that Technical Specialist J.D. and Tech Specialist Game Master Thomas M. didn’t give me bull shit answer. They confirm that they know that there’s an issue with the isp, furthermore they went ahead and send ’ another report to try and poke this issue higher up’. Nothing more they can do i suppose. Fingers crossed and keep sending in reports until they fix it :slight_smile:

If you expect a action , answer and sorting a problem
would not happen here :smiley: :smiley:

atleast here we don’t have those auto reply’s ^^
i know , i don’t expect nothing anymore of Blizz team / Support .
They need more then 1 Year to solve this and still selling a game that is not working :smiley:


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Today 22nd of december. Still not working!! I too am a telenet user and received an instant ban as soon as I tried to connect using fresh install and several fresh cd keys. Thanks for taking my money blizz ><

Ik ben gewoon gestopt met games van Blizzard te kopen.
De oude Blizzard is dood, ik wil niks te makes hebben met de nieuwe.

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When will this be fixed… ??

zelfde probleem hier ze… nu 3 januarie :frowning:

Het kan hun niet schelen, ze hebben je geld al.

Heb hetzelfde voor want nog altijd geen fix… ook ticket gemaakt. Blizzard geeft het probleem toe maar geen oplossing in zicht. Om van te wenen dat ze zo maar even één van grootste internet providers van het land collectief blocken!

What I found is our Classic team / Diablo 2 team is aware of this issue and we have checked with them recently to make sure they are still aware that this is happening. Unfortunately though we don’t have any updates about when Telenet users will be able to connect again.

The main problem is that Telenet also provides business / corporate internet services, and those are blocked from connecting to old Battle.net in Diablo 2. There’s no way for the system to tell who is using residential (home) internet and who is using their business internet, so the Battle.net system will block all Telenet connections.

Is mss verregaand maar ik overweeg om van internet provider te switchen want heb echt veel zin om terug te beginnen :wink: Iemand ervaringen met Orange&D2?

09.01.21r dalej nie można się połączyć, wiadomo coś nowego na temat tej bez nadzieji, czemu nikt z tym nic nie robi widzę że wiele ludzi korzysta, a raczej chce korzystać z BN w Belgii i nie ma dla nich żadnej pomocy??? Kpina!!!