Diablo II - disconnected from battle.net

Dear Blizzard Support,
In advance the excuse for my poor English.
This is all about the unability to play Diablo II on battle.net. Since 2018 there have been a growing amount of posts about customers:

  • all playing on a private PC at home
  • a lot of them claiming they have just or recently bought the game
    Several posts about this problem have been written, but only a very few have been answered by blizzard support and despite the growing amount of posts, the last answer from the support team has been end August 2019. Then your associate ‘Kaldraydis’ reffered to a post about temporarily restrictions from the server. That ‘easy’ answer had realy nothing to see with what the customers described about the problem. An indistinct ‘support’-answer like that one… late August 2019… is in my opinion unacceptable and it feels as if every customer having that problem, is a scammer and a fraud.
    As I mentioned in anther post: if you are not able to support your online product and if you are not able to give a real acceptable answer to the problem, then stop selling the product. I have read several new posts the last couple of days about customers having just baught the game and, due to the connection-problem haven’t even been able to play it at all. I see NO ANSWER of blizzard support about those posts. People keep on spending money and are getting nothing in return.
    Me and my family are customers of your games since 2001 and we have been spending a lot of money on the games and the expansions. I have already been helped a few times by Blizzard support in a very positive way. My opinion about the company is very high.
    However, I feel extremely uncomfortable about the statement that you are not giving any satisfying response on that long lasting Diablo2-problem.
    Thanks in advance for an honest and acceptable answer.

Kudos. Need help with Dialblo 2 as well.

I couldn’t agree more.

My friend and I wanted to start playing again, but we hit the “restricted access” wall. Both of us. On the same day. Different IPs. Clean install. Private home network. No VPN.

It’s frustrating because the game is just unplayable now in multiplayer. I have no interest in botting, I don’t even mind them since I only play with my friends in password protected servers. But still, I can’t play it.

I hope the community gets angry enough for them to listen to our concerns and finally do something about an issue that has been persistence since they introduced the security measures this August.

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With the recent news of diablo 4, Runewords, i got excited and bought cd keys for myself and my brother just this week, we have never logged in to make characters yet, and we still cant , are we banned? Before even playing? Whats going on customer support?

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@EvilHakik, Same issue, got excited with the news of the upcoming game.

Support ticket stated that they changed the security rules to help combat botting and spamming. Which is fine, I guess… but I’m getting the feeling that nobody installing now is able to play…

I had the same thing with a clean install with keys that have been locked to my account for years. I got banned the day I installed without ever opening a game.

I’d suggest you open a support ticket and ask them why you got restricted… I have been waiting for my answer for three days now.

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Hello all :slight_smile:

Forums are NOT a channel we can use to check restrictions applied to IPs or accounts. On top of the above please also keep in mind that discussing disciplinary actions is against the Code of Conduct

Those are the two main reasons why we can’t comment on this kind of requests. Opening a ticket, as suggested in other topics and by Arninja above, is the best option to have your situation reviewed. Keep in mind however that restrictions applied to accounts or IPs can not be manually removed by our staff, and must be waited out.

Dear Felranys,

Thank you for your fast reply.
However, please allow me to disagree with every word you say.
First of all, this IS the channel to discuss this commun problem that a LOT of customers seem to have. This has nothing to do witch checking restrictions applied to IPs or accounts as you mention it. This posts tells you: “There is a problem with D2. Please do something about it.” And if you continue using words like ‘disciplinary actions’, then I’m afraid you will have a LOT of very angry constomers in the end…
This is about people having recently bought the game, or have recently re-installed the game, and aren’t even able to play it. ‘Disciplinary actions’… are you truely serious?
Opening a ticket? OK, I will do that when I come back home Fridays… In my opinion, when I see all the comments since 2018, that ticket is just a way to put the problem out of sight, away from the general forums, to avoid people to see that there IS a problem where the company, for any reason, does not want to do anything about it.
I’m disappointed. Realy. I see you Fridays with the ticket.
Meanwhile… dear customers… you continue to buy a game you will not be able to play…


Hello Zedhar :slight_smile:

What I wrote is not specifically directed to you, but to all the participants to the discussion that clearly stated having problems to connect due to restrictions having been applied to their IP/account. I should have pointed this in my previous reply as to avoid confusion, really sorry for not having done so immediately.

From your initial description and from your reference to those restrictions my understanding was that this is your case as well, but again this is not something we can verify via Forums.

Server side we are not aware of any connection related problem, the servers are accessible and are used by a lot of players every day without any issue. If your specific situation is NOT related to having your IP, cd keys or account restricted but to a generic connection problem, please disregard my message above and consider having a look at this article where you’ll find a few steps that helped a ton of players fix connection related problems.

For anything else though, tickets are indeed the way to go.

Having checked out the other new posts about the subject that have been registered in the past 24h, including the conversation of Shammallama with the Game Master Ankunine:
it’s clear that making a ticket will be no help in this case.
I’ve decided to NOT make a ticket myself because I absolutely have no desire to have the same experience like Shammallama had.
Like Ankunine said it so wisely in his conversation with Shammallama: " …In terms of it being resolved, the resolution is that we would have to wait out the lock time. I understand it’s not the resolution you are seeking, but that is our resolution to this situation."

I just commented on a different post wit the similar problem, but now it has been removed. Very weird. Anyway, i’m here chiming in with the same problem. Submitted a ticket and got a reply where they said that my restriction will be lifted on the 27th of november. I just bought the game for 20 dollars, haven’t done anything wrong and now i can’t play the game i just bought for 20 dollars until the 27th (that is, IF i don’t get banned/restricted again). Seriously? The least thing they could do is offer us the money back for a game we can’t play.

I just read the result of the leastest attempt of Shammallama to resolve the problem with a GM:
I just got off the phone with blizzard support after 5 days of fighting this issue, attempting to install the game from the blizzard site to immediately not being able to log in. The reasoning blizzard provided was that there was activity on my IP address associated with China… basically they said we have no idea and we can’t figure it out so we are going to give you the most generic bull crap response we can draw up.
Multiple friends who just purchased the game and have never even attempted to play are also IP banned they must’ve been in cahoots with China as well. I’m baffled by the customer service and they all need fired!

There are serious rumours that China is planning to take over the world… Apparently this is only the beginning…

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You think that’s bad, I’ve been told that I won’t be allowed to play because my home internet is a business network, which is summarily restricted by the servers. I have no hope of ever playing Diablo 2 online because of this. Isn’t that great?

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I have opened multiple tickets and received no solution. Should I just keep creating new tickets?

Hi all,

I have the exact same issue, I’ve raised a ticket but it’s going to be of little use I expect as none of you have had any luck.

Ladders just restarted and I REALLY want to play, want to make a Corpse Explosion Necro to do some heavily magic finding early on, I have been playing diablo on and off over the years since I was six years old (29 now). Sadly It seems we are at the end of this great game (D2 + LOD), seems Blizzard no longer support it. I read another thread that said they just cannot access, modify or view a lot of the ‘old’ battle net material, they don’t even have any control over it (which is why if an IP ban were illegitimate, they couldn’t do anything about it anyway which is hilarious.)

So yeh, I bought a key about a year ago as I LOVE diablo 2 it’s my favourite game of all time and I’ve yet to actually use the key as everytime I try and get on, I’m IP banned or something, get the message "“You were disconnected from battle.net. Please reconnect.” on every server and give up. What a shame, assuming nobody has had any luck yet?

Felranys, your response was of zero use to anybody unfortunately, thanks for chiming in though, anymore constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Does anybody have a workaround? I’m going mad today, spent my whole Sunday trying to tackle this nightmare, I did make some progress, I got the servers to patch my game for me but that’s as far as I have managed.

I’m only on one ticket myself, how many tickets did you need to submit to get the problem fixed? Did it get fixed ?

Edit, got a response:

Sorry to hear that you were having issues getting online there. I had a look into your issue and it seems that you currently have a restriction against your connection which is why you cannot connect. In your case, this limitation should expire within 14 days.

Great, 2 week wait. I didn’t do anything on the list they say could cause it. I can’t even log in, let alone use a bot ^^. What on earth do I do !

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To do a ticket makes no sense. I did one because of a restriction where I wanted to ask how long it will take, The answer was. Meanwhile the restriction ended it only was temporary, but when I want to create a game the waitlist tells something else and the ticket is closed and I can not answer have to open a new one, where the will write the same lies.

Couldn’t you warn me not to use a VPN before I tried to connect to Battle.net? It’s not illegal to use one and it should be working after I shut the VPN down. Also, a 2-week ban without being able to manually unban the false positives is a bad way to treat your customers (my city has a 2-week lockdown… the irony :sweat_smile:). I know you’re trying to battle against bots and cheaters, but now you’re hurting good customers (and seeing the number of posts, A LOT OF THEM).

You lost another player :wink: I uninstalled the game

I have the same problem and I don’t use VPN to play the game.

Same problem here… new cd keys, clean install on different pc’s, different connections even tried mobile hotspot, no vpn,… contacted support 2 days ago but no reaction

Hello Please fix the lag issues in D2. I Play hardcore char so its crucial topic to play on battle.net.