I Can't figure out Diablo Immportal on the PC

I do not care how silly this topic makes me look. I’m beyond sick and tired of game devs either never letting a player know all the basic mechanics they added to the game, that way the player knows what’s available to them so they can play efficiently, and or showing the player only some of the mechanics in the game, and then never explaining how to use what is added.

Gamers defending this practice, and saying things such as look it up, or some other nonsense, need their head examained.

It is not a players job to continually have to look up how to do something, and or find out about something in a game via in game chat because some other player happened to mention it. Games are not school work which is why I will never ever look up how to do a game play basic. That is the job of the devs job…not mine…and no…NONE OF THE STUFF i LISTED BELOW WAS EXPLAINED…

I also know no one really cares, and will have trolls replying but this is a forum, and I’m venting deal with it. I have the right to have my input and so here it is…don’t like it…then don’t read it.

I seriously have no clue on how to do much of anything in this game. I know that it’s about money but seriously WTH. Why are all of these features I have listed below, Not explained, or not added yet?

I just figured that the PC is in beta and either none of this has been implemented yet, or it’s because it’s the free version.

I was so confused and got so frustrated that I finally just uninstalled this PoS. How about take some of that whale money, and actually make a game that is explained.

  1. Battle pass?
    To my understanding, the Battle Pass is nothing more than what blizzard decided to call a season pass. You buy it, and then you’re set. I have no clue what the phrase Upgrade the battle pass even means? Upgrade it to what, a premium version of a season pass?

  1. I was supposedly given a daily reward yet it never showed up in my inventory like it was supposed to. Furthermore, I couldn’t find it anywhere. If you’re going to give players a reward then either
    a. Give it to them
    b. Explain exactly how to obtain it

  1. The map
    I had no clue what I was looking it. There was nothing explaining anything about the navigation in this. I had no clue where I was, how to know, or what I was looking at.

Apparently I reached level 18 without ever leaving the section of the game I was in (Which I had no clue where that was).

  1. The menu system is beyond confusing.
    I had no clue to where anything is. Is there a skill screen or is that only something for the paid version? If it’s in the free version? If there is a skill screen that allows a player to be able to manually change their skills, I cannot find it.

Those are just 4 of the many, many, things I had serious problems with in Diablo Immortal.

Hi: :slight_smile:

There isn’t much to say and I can understand the frustration, but…

Yes, the PC version of the game is Beta and many things are either not implemented yet or not working as they’re supposed to (aka bugs). See:

I disagree.

One doesn’t become a carpenter by buying a bunch of tools and starting to fool around with them. You got to learn about it… what each tool is used for, how to use them, how to go about some typical tasks… in school preferably; when you graduate from school, you usually need to apprentice yourself to a master.

Similarly, with a new game, you can learn some of it by goofing around and learning from mistakes but, ultimately, you will need to learn about it… either from past experience with similar games or by looking it up. Google has some videos here but even those videos might not be enough. You will need to follow those that are considered “masters” to really excel at it and, in the case of Diablo Immortal, that could be really expensive !

Have a nice day !

Saying that players mess around and managing to get things correct isn’t an argument nor a counter point. That is your opinion and has nothing whatsoever to do with a product that was put out by a developer.

Your reply is the exact same thing as students in a math class who are there for the very first time and have never seen the math they’re about to do, saying the teacher is 100% exempt from having to explain anything at all and instead it’s the students responsibility to start messing around and guessing.

It isn’t the students job to look anything up unless it’s actually part of the assignment.

When a game license is purchased by a user, the developer is required BY LAW to make sure the player can actually play the game. A game not functioning properly and a developer not providing the instructions on their product means it’s a broken product and cannot be played. Players messing around doesn’t circumvent, negate, nor exempt a game developer from making sure a player can play the game just like a developer of any product cannot refuse to provide instructions in the product.

Instructions are part of the product and part of the purchase price, player opinion about messing around IS NOT.

To prove this, you can call any company for how to get something to work on a product they released and you will not get the customer service rep telling you it’s not their responsibility to explain to you anything, or to Google it, nor will you ever hear them say no one else had a problem.