Modern warfare 2 shaders stuck at 6%

Hi, ive tried all possible solutions from youtube and google. i have installed and resintalled both drivers , game and battlenet . but it doesnt work, the game loads but gets stuck at screen , i try to click play in menu screen but doesnt go in and just shows shaders optimizing stuck at 6%


@MajorHardON same issue !! i’m stuggling to get passed the HQ menu by clicking the (game - play) window , when i click it a small notice flashes with the speed of my mouse clicking . it says " loading assets" or something like that but nothing happens !!


yes oh my gosh i cant believe someone is experincing same problem… my shaders stuck at 6 and i cant go past menu like you ! i did everything possible…


did you perhaps receive the game as a gift from someone ?

i bought it with my own hardon earned cash (pun intended)

if you find a solution please let us know anyone !!


i received mine as a gift i thought that was the reason its like this but i guess its not it sucks couse i wanna play so bad and i cant find a solution i alwas fixed issues but this is so new to me

I have the same issue here, but when i went to setting then graphics, then restart shaders optimization, then i relaunched the game, it worked if you waited for sometime, i mean the shader loading will take time then it will eventually complete.

however i still have the same issue where i couldn’t join any game or play, if anyone have idea please help!

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Commenting to stay up to date on a solution. Having the same problem as everyone.

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same problem here my pc specs are enough to run the game i even formated my whole pc and still dont work

yes, the same case here, was there any solution to this issue the Shader optimization is stuck at 6% too, did all the steps that everyone is talking about but still the same, started to think I want my money back to tell you the truth!!

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I’ve gone through it all and still havent found a solution:

  1. Restarted shaders optimization in settings
  2. Re-installed the game
  3. Scan & Repair before opening the game
  4. Updated N-Vidia drivers
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dude i even made a post about it btw can anyone make a post on yt about it

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I’m having the same issues and I did everything on yt and google. Also, I have read comments about people who did format to their pc and still same issues. if anyone solve the issue or advice pls. thanks in advanced.

Same here! pre-ordered the game and I tried to play story mode but the issue happened. I thought it will be solved by the official game launching but NO the shaders were stuck at 6%, I had tried every possible solution available but nothing happened!

Hey guys , i hope you doing fine anyways

its a weird bug with a weird fix

to fix this issue simply
1 - close the game
2 - go to launcher
3 - click on modify install
4 - then change language

then select multiple language but make sure the default language is english
the shaders will finish within a min and you will be able to get out of the HQ menu

that fix worked for me :smiley: i hope it works for you too


I love youuuuu <3
worked like a charm. I tried literally everything :frowning:

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Worked for me, thank you so much

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Same. Tried all possible solutions but its still not working. I’ve been way too excited to play man. If u find a solution that actually works please let me know. Have a good one

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