Public game lobby issues - once again

This is reposted after what seems to be 79 comments (that i cannot read) in 22 hours under classic game support. The post was closed after 22 hours by blizzard support, since the admins thought it belongs under d2res support, and they posted a link. That link doesnt work. The page shuts down when i click it…
so here we go again…

in First let me say that i wont address the issues with the servers and the 30sec (at least i think ist 30 sec) wait between joining games, other than saying that when you try to join a public game and the game is full, or the game doesnt exist (because you misspelled something in your attempt to join a ballrun before its filled up) you have to wait before you can join another game…

The main issue i want to address is the lobby layout
First the lobbygames autorefreshes, but it does not remember the game you have marked.
If i click on a game I want to join, the server refreshes fast enough for the game to disappear before I can click the join button.
This should not be that hard of a fix to make the game marked appear in the textbox of the game you want to join

Also i think some search function would be very nice - if i want to join baalruns maybe i can search for the name “baal” to be part of the gamename

and then i think sorting games by number of players (and a box where u can clik “game not full” to sort away games you cannot join.

last the “refresh” button really have no meaning atm. Ive clicked it several times and IF it refreshes thers no indication of it form what i can see. The autorefresh is the only refresh i have noticed, and that is just as often a nuisance as it is helpful.

AND when u post a link to a different support site PLEASE post a link that works…


I assume you are referring to your post here:

You didn’t say what game your feedback is for. Blizzard obviously thought you were writing about Diablo II: Resurrected and gave you the standard reply and locked the topic.

If your comment is not for Diablo II: Resurrected… then what game is it for ?

If you were posting about the D2R lobbies, then you were posting in the wrong forum; D2R has its own forums and you have to use D2R forums to post about that game. Blizzard provided a link to the main D2R website for Europe; if you are on a Console (you did not say if you’re playing on Windows, a Switch, a XBox or a PlayStation system), then you have to use one of the three D2R console forums here: : Console Discussion (for feedback), Console Technical Support (for help installing, connecting or if you are crashign) and Console Bug Report (if you think you found a bug).

That link ( ) works fine for me (on Google Chrome)… check your browser or try another one.

im using google chrome browser - and the link does not work. - i can copy paste it and it works that way though - but clicking on it doesnt work, ctrl clicking doesnt work either. U can say its my browser, but i havnt encountered this problem outside blizzard forums
the game is d2 res
im playing on pc
do you have place for bug reports - theres quite a lot of the to say the least…


D2R Bug Report for PCs is here :

Good luck in your games !

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