Returning WOW player cant find any old characters

I haven’t played WOW for some time, about 10 years I think. I can’t remember which realms my characters were in or all of their names. Can someone please help me?


Does this help ?

Per @Chronormi:

If you don’t remember your realms I don’t think there’s much you can do besides check them all.

Also they will be in the current retail WoW, not classic or TBC classic. Those are new realms launched in the past few years.

This forum here is for Blizzard’s Classic (ie, legacy) Games, such as Diablo II (2000).

WoW has its own (separate) set of forums here:

Good luck with this…

Hello there!

An option here would be to go to the World of Warcraft forums and log in with your account. On the top right, you will have the option to select what character you are posting with on the forum, which should provide you with a list of active characters for that account. Just make sure to be on the correct forum for the region you played on!


Failing that, you can reach out to our Support Team directly, and they can provide you with the realms that the characters on your account are on.