Season 10 comp ban OW2

I played a few games of comp the other day and then one game the server crashed so I received a 15 min ban. I log on the next day to see I am banned for the whole season?! Has this happened to anyone else? I submitted a ticket and received the generic response about terms and conditions and no further responses since then.


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Good luck with this.


this has happened to a lot of people, they’re aware of the issue and working on fixing it but 3 days later we wait for more information. I finally got through to a real person in customer support (i dont use social media/forums for updates so had no idea what was happening) and they just said to keep an eye out on the US forum for updates and once they have a solution, the developers will remove the ban.

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Yep… that’s what Blizzard said in their last post in that topic I linked above…
(highlighting is mine)

Perhaps you should start using the forums… not the ones here, but the ones for Overwatch.     :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks guys! Shame it is taking so long :frowning:

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