"Undelete" feature doesn't work on locked server

Hello! Do you know if Blizzard can restore deleted characters on locked WoW WotLK servers, e.g. Firemaw? When trying to restore it throws an error, I guess it’s due to “locked” server state. Have anyone got his character restored in that case, maybe through the ticket?

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they need to look that up

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Do you mean there’s a chance they might restore it?

I have the same problem!!

See my post Ticket time - WOW

Good luck restoring it, in a month or so blizzard might help you.


Thanks, Radeon, how long has passed since you created your ticket?

If not through tickets then our problem might be solved if Blizzard unlocks servers for new character creation, but no one knows if or when that will happen.

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No restoration possible, see below response.

Hey there,

My name is Game Master Ianboryn, but feel free to just call me Ian. (^▽^)

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and submit this ticket, I will gladly go ahead and take a look into this for you. I hope you are doing well during these chaotic times in the world and above all are being safe. I understand that you are contacting us regarding some issues restoring a character over on that realm for your WoW account.

Looking into this further it looks like you’re trying to restore this character on that realm Firemaw. Reviewing that realm, it looks like it is currently locked or Full at the moment. You can confirm this by pulling up that realm list in-game or checking out our realm status page. Locked or Full realms at the moment are restricted to some options such as creating characters on them or restoring deleted characters. Players can create or restore characters on these realms so long as they have active characters existing on them. Customer Support cannot bypass this restriction I’m afraid. You’ll need to wait until this realm status changes in the future to restore this character back on this realm.

I hope I was able to clear this up for you and if you have any future issues or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us back! Thank you once again for your time and above all please stay safe out there. Safe travels in your future adventures!

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Thanks for sharing. That is not good news. What we are left with is to wait til Firemaw unlocks :frowning: