Warzone 85GB update?

Been playing warzone for 2weeks. few days ago (when there was meant to be a 10ishGB patch, i was forced to redownload the entre game (85GB).

now, a few days later, my battle net client shows another 85GB update? why am I being asked to redownload the entire game time after time, whenever there’s an update to the game? is there a fix?

last time it happened, I installed a fresh Battle.net client, changed settings with respect to where games/updates go by default (even thought this has never been a problem on battle.net before).

in my applications folder I STILL have the modern warfare/warzone game downloaded in full.


Many many people having this issue, yesterday Warzone had an update of 150 mb for all my friends, but today Battletnet saying me that I have an update for 82 gb as wel…
It just refuses to LOCATE properly my game.
So I made backup… of my game. I pressed UNISTALL. Guess what Battletnet FOUND my game and delete it… This must be April Fools trick there is not explanation.
Anyways I tried to stop Download with deleting my game and relocating it with the backup I have done.
Now it’s saying 12gb update, which I did too couple of days ago…
I don’t know what else to do really and no one has an answer really…

Τhis reminding me of PUBG which did the same EXACT thing everytime with update… Pushing the users to re downloading the whole game.


Yeah, same for me. Tried cleaning cache, re installing battle net. Nothing heloed

same problem here since a week , please fix it man i wanna play warzone lol

worst experience ive had with a game, ive had to re download 170gb 3 times i think its trying to download a small patch but instead redownloads the entire game, thats about 3 days of download time on my internet speed sort you crap out activation what a botch job


i also have a 171 gb update this morning and all friends have a 170mb update , tried doing system restore to two days ago didnt work dont know what else to try now


Ive got the same problem its turning into a scam at this point paying for game and constantly being locked out of it for no logical reason


its really sad, how we got not a fkn single official information on this topic…

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Same problem, how is this possible? A update with same size of the game. Blizzard fix it!!

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Has anyone found a fix for this?

Same issue. I went to download the update LAST FRIDAY and it said the file was 171GB?? Sat in front of my PC now with 76GB still left to download.

I don’t know whether to uninstall the whole game and just try to re-install it again?? For this problem to be ongoing for nearly a week now, really is frustrating.

Same here its the 2nd time i download all the game for the 2nd update they release…

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Same thing here. I have been playing the game for 2 weeks now and after 2 days stop (because i wasn’t able to download properly the 15gb update on european servers) today i was presented with a 83gb download…this is really a scam. I don’t want to uninstall and reinstall again cause it will take me roughly three days. I would like to play with my friends in quarantine but this is really a joke…i will not download 80ishGB again.
So far worst experience with a pc game


Already done everything, I managed to low it down to 13 Gbs, downloading now, But I noticed that my game folder is the same AMOUNT as before no matter what I’m downloading.
This client must trolling us no explanation really.

Absolute joke, it’s an embarrassment for the company. My update today was 170gb and 70gb yesterday?

It’s like nobody is even trying to solve it? happily take your money though!

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how’s you manage to get it down to that?

how did you do it? I scanned the game for error and only went down to 70 gb

I can see the game in my applications folder. silly.

Yep same issue here. They better sort it out soon it’s becoming very frustrating! What a shit time for them to have issues with their games, a time when loads of people are depending on gaming and being entertained because there’s nothing else to do!


I notice there’s a new update of 80GB. The game is installed in my C:\ and I only have 70GB free space.
Is it possible to “move” the game install folder without uninstalling and downloading again?