Are mods bannable?

So there’s a certain site out there that has a tons of mods for tons of games…
There are some for D2R which are harmless, like rune reskins and loot filters. The rune reskin would make things much less of a headache!
Do you all think it would cause a ban since it replaces game files?

Singleplayer: u can use mods.
Multiplayer: mods get banned in 99% of the cases.

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May I ask how you know?

thats bullshit. u can use online mods. as long as they do not intervene in the game

So recently someone at Blizzard Korea allegedly asked a developer if item filtering is allowed.

And the answer was yes, but as long as “it doesn’t provide unjust advantage, and it doesn’t modify the game client itself”.

Sure. Try it. :slight_smile:

Cause its this ways since uhm…ever i guess.
Cant remember blizzard ever, allowed any mods in D2 LoD in Online Play. Dont think they changw their stance on this in D2R.

A loot filter is exactly this. Youve got advantage over other Players which still get flooded with useless items.

But as i said, feel free to use mods, you will see what happen :slight_smile:

I wont use any mods, until there is a statement in the us/eu forum. I give a s*** on korea.

just go to twitch. then please explain to me why so many use loot filters. they also stream and not be banned?

there is no difference between eu /us and ASIA server

in my opinion

So you’re just saying all this because you think you’re right?
No other source?

Kind of hard to get replies out of mods or blizz staff… I guess there’s only one way to find out for sure.

Who wants to Guinea pig for us?

Cant find any official statement, only the reddit oist :thinking:

Maybe they play singleplayer, sometimes it take ages till a banwave occur. It could take months before something happens. I can remember a bot in WoW who was farming a particular spot, i wrote countless tickets, nothing happenend for weeks, gave up sooner or later.

But its fact, blizzard wont allow 3rd part, software. Its 50:50 if blizzard see your mods as cheats or not. I personally wouldnt use them in multiplayer.

D2LoD was no big deal, you created a new account and go on. In D2R your whole battlenet account gets banned.

Source is blizzards eula/tos :wink: no 3rd party stuff allowed. How i mentioned: 50:50, may you get banned, may not, maybe in 3 months, who knows.

Yea, if they use their old system for banning it’s very likely the mods will cause it to happen for your account…
but runes with their actual names on them tho…

you don’t want to tell me that blizzard only introduced the modding function for single players. why do the mods also work online? in wow, the mods made this game good in the first place.

What should be wrong with modding your visual display? I don’t see any concerns.
that only makes the game better 4 everyone like wow addons

the game is 20 years old! modding in particular will give the game a new, modern touch

I wont tell you anything, i just say be careful with using mods, cause its likely to get banned for it :man_facepalming::man_shrugging: if you wanna use mods that hard in onlineplay, go for it, but dont come to the forums and cry when you are banned​:man_shrugging:

Is loot filter a unfair advantage? Yeah i would say so. But so is controller and pickit. Its alrdy unfair so. Will u get banned for it? Most likely no, they would need to put in resources to find and ban those ppl. Ppl are using MH and other things aswell atm. Banning all those ppl would result in a significant population drop. If they gonna ban ppl they most likely go for the worst cheaters.

as long as you only use the loot filter you will not be banned.
you’re just afraid of changes.
we not longer lives in the 2000s its 2021 my friend.
games are evolving and mods are part of that;)

Kind of an irrelevant argument here. Without a Blizzard true official statement on whether it is allowed we cannot know. I for one wanted some kind of Mod to change the drop sound of Runes to something more pronounced.
Since Blizzard is currently sorting out the servers we cannot know if they are planning some sort of minor ban wave, just to disable accounts for 24 hours that have been using mods as a warning.

Unfortunately Blizzard communication is very limited at this time so my advice would be stay away from them for maybe 2-3 more weeks and see if there is a small ban 24hour ban wave, if not I would say they are okay.

Since mods in this game will be purely for convenience only, 2-3 more weeks without them shouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

Dude, are you high? We dont talk about changes, we talk about mods :man_facepalming: and blizzard isnt a big fan of mods in diablo )online mode), never was.

But yeah…whatever, nothing to say more to this “afraid of changes” BS lol, nothing to do with the topic, cya

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d2 is not d2r … new game new rules

Where are these rules posted?