My character is gone

Played with my main lvl 70ish Sorc. Ended the game, made a new character, deleted this new one because of bad name, created a new one with correct name. Now I leave the game and when exiting I see all my online characters as they should be. 1 minute later when I start the game again I see my main deleted and the 2 newly created characters including the one with the bad name are there.
You call this accidental deletion of the character? The world may come to an end but I am fairly sure I did not delete my main character. Hope this helps your flawed database problems.

  • The character was lost: 18th of October;
  • Last play: October 18, 00:00-01:00
  • Offline character;
  • Double checked the Online and Offline tab;
  • Character class: Sorceress;
  • Level: about 70-74;
  • The platform: PC;
  • Character name: Hans_Olo;
  • Server: EU

I lost a character on my account as well in the last 2 weeks or so and would like to restore it.
It was an ONLINE character.
I double checked the Online and Offline tab;
Character class: Assassin
Level: 23ish
The platform: PC
Character name: Dahlia

Character lost today, please restore it.
Character class: Sorceress
Level: 37ish
The platform: PC
Character name: Alaya

  • The character was lost: 24.10.2021
  • Last normal play: 23.10.2021
  • Online character: No
  • Double checked the Online and Offline tab: YES
  • Character class: Sorceress
  • Level: 66-75
  • The platform: PC
  • Character name: Sorc
  • Server: Dunno

It has been 3 weeks since the creation of this topic of discussion. Where is the solution to this problem?

Hey everyone,

Thank you all for provided all this information, this has very useful to us and to the developers in verifying these reports.

We have now received a response from our development team, and they didn’t identify any bug with the game outside of:

  • Players deleting characters by mistake, which has been addressed in a recent patch
  • Server stability issues, including rollbacks, which were addressed in this post

Characters lost unfortunately can’t be restored, but we hope that both measures taken to address these issues will improve things, and prevent you from losing hard earned progress in the future.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the programming team didn’t even try to find the source of the problem.
And once again the answer is the same.

I can advise the programming team to get their heads out of their *** and start working normally.

All that I see now is just empty words, which they sounded a month ago.

The character was lost: 31.10.2021
Last normal play: 31.10.2021
Online character: No
Double checked the Online and Offline tab: YES
Character class: Necro
Level: 86
The platform: PC
Character name: Pppp
Server: EU

My character has just disappeared, I was running Baal, the game was disconnected and then when I tried to re-login, I didn’t see my character anymore.

Same happened to me just now, and lost all my online characters…

My character is missing on Asia server but available on NA

Same for me. Mine also available on Europe

Same happened to me and my friends just now on asia, a 79 nec ,

这个还能恢复吗?我就掉了个线线上角色全没了 在亚洲服务器

All my characters are gone from online and offline mode. I successfully created a character in offline mode and now all of my online characters are visible. So give that a try if you are having this issue.

One of my character disappeared yesterday from the characters selection after I saved and quit. For information it was my level 93 paladin. I play softcore, online, PC, Europe. All my other characters are available. I tried to change region, create an other character and reinstall battlenet.
I’m 100% sure i didn’t delete him.

I have the same problem! My Zerker Barb disappeared! I play in single game. I see save files but he doesn’t show in the hero list in the game. I’m very angry

Hello! I have been playing diablo 2 resurrected for a very long time, but after your recent update, a lot of things disappeared from the stash on a character of level 93, almost 94, especially I was very upset and angry that all the rare runes disappeared, and I collected them for a very, very long time , and some even bargained for real money. I spent a huge amount of time and effort to collect these runes, and now I have no desire to play the game because everything is gone. Can you please tell me how to get back at least the runes? there were not many of them, but I collected them for a very long time and with difficulty. according to the runes it was about 7 ist, 1 ber, 2 fal, 3 ko, 2 lem, 2 pul, 1um, 1mal, 1 gul. there were still a lot of rare things: 2 stone of jordan, 1 mara’s kaleidoscope + 27 all res and much more unique items. but items are much easier to find even it takes a lot of time((( I would at least return the runes, not a lot of them, but they were very difficult and took me a long time. I hope for your understanding. Thank you. Best regards to you and your game.

Hey/ does support read this at all?
seems like we all paid not enough money for correctly working game!!!

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