Personal Loot OPTION needed

This game needs a option to allow personal loot in hosted worlds. That way for those of us that want it can CHOOSE to have it in our games, and for those that don’t want it can CHOOSE not to have it.


no thank you. [missing {[min}] value characters]
there was TONS of messages about that already. i really dont think one more topic is needed


This is how d2 works.


If you want a personal loot option, please play Diablo III or the upcoming Diablo IV and leave D2R for those who want to have as close an experience to D2 with better graphics as possible. There are enough other options for those who want stuff like personal loot.


I don’t get this mindset at all to be honest. Why limit other player choices simply because you want to be stuck in a classic time museum?

As my post stated you could choose to toggle it such as auto gold pick up. So if you don’t want it…DON’T USE IT.


it ruins trade and many other things in game. please. i beg you. if you dont want to think before creating topic - dont create it.


How does it ruin trade? Because you can’tpick up a piece of gear before someone else? What are the many other things?
Please, I beg you. If you don’t want to think before creating a comment - don’t comment nonsense.


Give it a rest already.

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And next you ask for class baised drops?


No, just ploot

sadly this will be the new norm for the life of the game - WoW classic forums are filled with people begging for features that were not implemented at the time of the original game. Luckily since this is not a subscription based game my guess is they are not likely going to be changing much to appease people, the money is already made

you got butt hurt already cus you didnt get to pick up loot?

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No, I’m only playing with buddies. It would just be a nice feature.


The current loot system will only drive away players and make everyone play in private games. End of story. Only loot ninjas win if loot is public. Melee chars get all the loot because it drops at their feet. It’s stupid and has no place in a game in 2021.

Here’s a true story…

Anyone remember when Path of Exile launched? It was billed as a hardcore experience, and public loot system was an integral part of the devs’ hardcore “vision” etc etc bs bs bs etc etc. The arguments in the PoE forums were long and hard…one side wanted private loot for a more friendly experience, while the other side were the puritans demanding the loot stayed hardcore and not to listen to the whiners.

And what happened? The devs’ hardcore vision soon turned out to be a disaster. Turned out only a very vocal minority actually made up the puritan side that enjoyed hardcore loot rules, and the game LOST a ton of early players and almost failed. So the devs swallowed their pride and PoE looting was CHANGED to make private loot an OPTION for those that wanted it. Turns out OPTIONS are best for everyone and please everyone. And in the process the game was SAVED from total failure.

And the thought that players already spent their money on D2R so it doesn’t matter is nonsense. Word of mouth is everything. When people who never played D2 hear from their friends or youtube sites that D2 loot is public and “hardcore” and a significant number simply won’t sign up to play the game. There is absolutely no doubt the game will sell considerably better if a private loot option is added. PoE is living proof.


it floods the market, rather than 1 unique per mob there could be 8


go back to d3 and eso


That’s not how personal loot works at all.


That’s nonsense and shows that some people’s opinion on this matter should be ignored completely because they are clueless. Private loot in no way affects the number of items entering the market. All it does is ensure that when something nice drops, everyone in the party has the same chance of getting it. Without it, melee chars and loot ninjas get all the nice gear.


The thing is that I don’t get the people that are in the “no change/keep it all original” mindset. Personal Loot is an absolute need for those of us that want it in OUR games.
They gave us the option for auto gold pick up, now they PLoot option.

Heck, I remember when I was younger playing the Original D2 I always wanted them to add things to the game to enhance my experience. Whether that be with more content or game enhancements. My hopes and dreams came crashing down when they shut down Blizzard North.


They are loot ninjas it is that simple. And they know if a PL option is added, then 90% of the playerbase will use it and their ninja days are over.