Players 1-8 pls make option for alone players with Online-char

Hi D2 lovers, fun players, grinders, all type players i have issue, and i musst change some words or many dont understund me, I know me english its bad…I start play char D2r on online mode, and decision was maybe i found some friends…But i play most time in game alone,…now find i cant change number players setings…This ist not possible??? , And I now in SP cann change all 1-8, but in alone game but Have all character in online mode,…
e.g. Two friends go play together, why we cannt change to players 4, more fun more xp more HELL, this i have on me mind, or alone why i cannt play player 2 not 8 im not OP master with best items…
BLIZZARD pls make some with this, THX,


doubt they ever let us play single player online with P8 mode

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So you want to play with P8 online to get better experience and drops and trade with other players? Online is made for team play and PVP, not for single player who wants to grind and sell - especially for real money! Why don’t you play offline with P8? What’s your main reason to want P8 online?


must agree with you there, he cant have it both ways

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This is the point. Playing online is intended to make you play with other people, adding an option to fake a full game online would ruin that


This will not be done online since it would further punish non meta characters who don’t teleport, and their market position as well as their early game viability. We’re trying to encourage people to use things OTHER than paladins an sorceresses. This would go against that.

Why would you encourage people to play anything else than what they want to play!!! This is a game where the only goal is to have fun… there are absolutely no competition in non ladder online… People saying /players 8 or anything else is bad simply are full of s… and for some reason only want to make the game less fun for everyone… At this point the only people that would be against /players 8 are the people that are selling runes and items for real money on third party sites… they are the only ones that allowing /players 8 could hurt.


I’m with you, agreed totaly…

The reason for players 8 we need is how it was over 20 years me and my friends grind a
3 man offline lan with the /p8 command, simply as that.

I think the problem is (for me) if you play (mostly) alone (in p1) - the drops are hard for one who dont knows how this game was earlier.
So you getting fast frustrated and quit that game, besides the time.

Me and my four friends start playing D2R since release in Sep., after one and a half month it was just only me who still played the game. My friends lost the desire.
I think this game getting again a little hype by the hardcore fans when ladder comes and then it flattens out realy fast… and so on and on, like a sinus curve.

  • Just the hard core is here as current.
  • few games in normal/nightmare - or even no single one.
  • hell games exists with only one player in it who just wants to trade… not even a handfull cows, baal and some mf, everday.

and even if you do a “help me rush act 2” Game some ppl don’t even help, they just quick join only to farm cs, lk, nihla, pit or others and pi**es of, to get the /p reward.

So thats why this game already is a kind of single player game and i think, too you need to have the ability to choose if you want by yourself the /p x command in bnet.

I think the Developers needs to rethink:

  • first maybe just do a cap the bnet players to 3 or max 5 people before to max it out to 8
  • or give us an option to transfer the characters - only once - to convert to an offline char and i farm myself like im now doing online.

The only thing what /players x in bnet does is completly killing the reason to team up and everyone plays no brainerdin cause he is still bugged and his conc which buffs PHYS dmg still buffs his MAGIC hammers (what it shouldn’t). I think the only solution to make pugging/grouping (outside of exp leech chaos/baal runs) fun/worthwhile is to implement maps AND revamp this overhauled thrash cheating magnet loot system. Other than that it stays the same.


??? Do you even look at the D2R lobbies? people are already not playing in groups… only games that have groups playing together is cows, chaos and Baal runs for exp… Everything else is solo players trading or people looking for boosts… And the people that play in groups already why would they stop playing with their friends and community because everyone can do /players 8? your argument makes no sense at all… The community in D2R is not big enough anymore to make it valid if it ever was.


Only cause you’re a narcisstic who doesn’t care about anyone else, doesn’t mean the rest of the community wants to play solo online like you do so stop projecting your own social problems to the community.

Well that got flagged pretty fast… So because i speak up for /players 8 command and enjoy playing alone i am a mentally sick person? Tbh i think writing something like that is pretty sick but i wont judge hopefully a moderator will look at it though (Can always hope)


Yeah before I get banned before you insulting clown that day I wanna see and perma ignore where you belong :clown_face: bye bye.

I play online and I create an “act 1 start”, “Cow run 1” or “Baal run 1” game.

5-6 players join my game, great!

Not so much, actually those 5-6 players will farm, kill bosses and quit the game :frowning:

This is currently multiplayer in Diablo 2.

For those who tell me that I can join a clan, I answer that I don’t have enough free time to play with a group that will probably play several hours every day.


P8 in BNet would be a great thing - agree!
It would releave you from having to play with those full time grabbing faggots just to get a full game. Instead you would be free to just play with your guys and still encounter best EP and drops.
It makes no sense to force people with chars made for soloing into one game.
Make it more benefitial to have a working party - that would reveal more players in a game.


Not really. Playing online means playing with other people. If you don’t want that, that’s what offline play is for.

Please stop making unfounded accusations like this.


Tbh they should just add a SSF Ladder like in PoE and make it so you can adjust /players 1-8 in that mode.

Personally I play 99% solo and never trade anyway.

What makes you belive that you‘re in the position to decide who is „allowed“ to play online or not? No one has the understanding that you‘re not allowed to play alone online - otherwhise it wouldn‘t work.

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That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that playing online comes with limitations. You also can’t use Hero Editors for online play for instance

I think will be better for this game to add a P5 or P8 as new “difficulty level”. For all the online gaming. Not just for Single player online. I like to play with friends but the party can be just 2 or 3. We want to play like LAN in original D2 with 3 people in a P8 game.
I also prefer doing a P7 difficulty Chaos Sanct with more loot than doing P1 more times. It gets boring.

I like to play in public groups too, but when you try to play like that, for example, opening an “act 1 start” Hell game, in public party, there come some players to help or advance, and others that break the progress of the party because they are entering public games with players to farm the bosses. They do the game harder for the people advancing if they aren’t in a rush or overpowered, and they force a break of this party when we arrive to the boss and is already killed. The party disband and you can wait too much time until you find another decent group. The gaming experience is bad like this.

Also, like some said before, the community isn’t as big as it was, and when ladder comes, it be more divided.

If PX is added, this will be solved. Or a lvl 90-95 game with same loot tables but a P5 drop equivalent when playing alone (and scaling with group) or something like that, for better experience gains too.

As for the “go offline” people, if you play online, you can play crossplatform, you have your char data saved and other benefits. So it’s better to play online than offline, except for the lag and the number of SoJ for the Dclone.

And, as a veteran from D1 and D2 from the begining, and a hater of D3, i don’t want the loot system or the +15 difficulty variations system of D3. That will ruin the game.

As last note, dreaming is free, but do you really think that these people will do something like that? they took a 20y game and they are breaking everything they are touching, and releasing bad updates, crashing server “maintenances”, delaying the ladder… The game for lvl 85-99 will be the same monotonous grinding of CBaal.