Queue - Never Ending Story

Same problem…why they dont merge offline and online play, if they dont capacity to fix this? You can play offline and when you want to play with friends you go online…simple fix

What we can do for fix it? 163…and not changed for 10 min

I’m trying to play Diablo 2 resurrected, I have to wait for the server all the time. I want my money back, I didn’t buy it just to wait to play. I don’t have time for this…

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they will not return the money

Thousands of players should get their money back at the same time. Then maybe something would happen :confused:

Good morning,

Our developers are aware that many players have to wait in queue before being able to play the game, and they’re still working on improvements so that everyone can play as fast and as smoothly as possible.

They’ve recently released an explanation on the situation, and what they’re doing to address the server issues :

While customer support doesn’t have any more information than you do, please be sure to keep an eye out on future announcements.

Thank you all for your patience. :pray:


Message adressé à Blizzard:

Faites quelques chose avec cette file d’attente… C’est juste insensé… 495ème position et ce depuis 15min… ça n’avance pas…
Vous ne pouvez pas empêcher les joueurs qui ont acquis votre jeu(à une somme astronomique) sous prétexte que vous n’arrivez pas à gérer l’affluence et les problèmes de flux avec les serveurs.
Car c’est pas le tout de refondre un jeu graphiquement et vendre ça 40€, il faut assumer ensuite…
Mon opinion de vous avait déjà baissé après certaines extensions de World of Warcraft mais là on touche le fond…

à bon entendeur. (20min et toujours pas gagné de position) Je pense que je vais me résigner à jouer à un autre jeu, qui fonctionne lui…

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Moi aussi je ne parviens pas à me connecter, mais moi je ne peux même pas accéder au menu principal. Ca me met ça:

"Connexion à Battle.net en cours…
Ligne manquante

Ligne manquante"

The queues now are insane i have been trying to get into a game for LITTERALLY 6+ hours and im always being kicked out as i get to position 0. The Blizzard Twitter is silent about this and there is no information about anything. Do you even care about the customer base any longer or now that we have bought the crap hook and sinker you just laugh and move on to the next cadaver to re-release?

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same shit, can’t complete event baal run after connecting to game… Drop and again you are XXX in queue

So today is Sunday and I woke up about 11:00. let’s get a cup of coffee and play Diablo!
Open pc and Diablo: Queue 300… At 15:00 I have an appointment… dang…
At 13:30 roughly: the 300 queue is gone. I can still play until 14:30 until my appointment
I had VPN enabled and lag was causing me to die on teleport. I had to disable VPN and got into queue of 500…
I had to keep my computer on until after my appointment
In the evening I was finally able to play the game instead of 11:00… But i was tired and wanted to to watch videos. But… i could not log out of Diablo. If I would ever log out of dialbo, i would get into a 5 hour queue. So keep logged in and never leave the lobby??? wtf is this world???

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Q u i c k r e p l y : N o .

Same situation. I had 2 hours, at Sunday, until my wife should come back from shopping, so I wanted to spend this time with Baal. It was 474 place in queue. I spent 2 hours watching on the line…

I just stopped trying to play this sh1t show… i’ll keep an eye on the forums if this crap gets some fixes tho cuz i love d2 but cba to waste my time anymore

Dont thank people for their patience, we have none left, blizzard just gives us a big middle finger and no choice!

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This does not answer OP’s question. OP wants to know when the long queue waits will be fixed. A satisfactory answer would include:

  • Acknowledge if you are currently working on a solution or focusing on other issues
  • Describe what the expected solution is
  • Provide an estimate for when the solution will be available, or acknowledge that you have no idea when it will happen

The support team should provide concrete, actionable information so that players can make appropriate decisions regarding their product.


час 226-й вообще издевательство

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15:10 on a Monday, 194 in the queue with no change for > 5 minutes. Appalling service.

Im not paid 34.99 pounds for queuing like this ! More than an hour every day time ! Really shamed on you Blizzard !

All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us !!!