Thoughts On The New Queue System?

I’m sorry but it’s everything but ok!
I’ve paid for this game, and I even paid the full offer with D3 while I already have D3 (and RoS…And the necromancer pack…) to support blizzard.
It’s totally unforgivable to not have dimensionned the serveurs so we can play.
They did not limit they money they took from us when we paid, we did not pay 50%. We paid full price. I want to be able to play FFS!

And like many, I have a live, a job, children and family to spend some time with! So when I got a spare hour, it’s not the be f***ing queued!


I really hope that this is just a temporary solution because of weekend and from monday you start working on real (boosting servers) solution…

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No, because giving you a queue is a rapid solution for something that will need thousand of hours of development. Without this queue playing is imposible… be patient, after read about the real problem I can understand why they have done this. Obviously they have not done things well, this is not an excuse, but queue was a solution to have a temporary solution to the problem.

Even with these disastrous server issues I had some fun leveling a Sorc up to 85 and a Necro to 60-something. Got some decent items and a few HRs…but I think I’ll check this game out at some point in 2022 and hope that is more stable then.

This is just flat out wasting our time.

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Can I have your gear and runes? Baumsi#2599

Well, it took me 45 minutes to get to 290 to 1 in the queue and it seems i’ve been kinda lucky. Players that have experienced this number going down know how intense it feels to hope not to be disconnected or crashed in a game after passing it.

In this post here : Diablo 2 resurrected outage
There is not a single element about the temporary nature of that fix.

I am just hoping it is not considered as a permanent fix, right ?

Some of us do have too little time in the evening to be waiting that much in a queue to launch a game. This will simply prevent some people to play, even if they are not considering to quit.
This game is a gem, I like it A LOT and threw the equivalent of a few month playtime on the legacy one, but this queue is testing patience too much :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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Dear Blizzard,

I paid for the game, like everyone else, and I find it absurd to wait for playing. Luckly for the momenty there is no other option for me, so I’m sitting here waiting for my turn to play… For sure, as soon as I get a worth game alternative, I’ll stop playing D2R.

Anyway, that’s a shame for a game that has been so glorious for so long, to perish with server issues. I hope you have good plans to furtherly improve the situation, because for the moment, doesn’t look so good.



I completely agree. Queue?! What the f*ck is going on?! It’s as if the past decades have not happened in cloud computing, load balancing and auto-scaling! Queue?!?! Unacceptable!!


Been in queue for 35 min now… Its insane…

Coming home from being outside with wife. Ate dinner and we were happy to play a bit d2r now for the time till our friends come…
Queue 282… No movement since one hour.

How the hell can you even think about inventing an queue-system. It wasn’t welcome in WOW, it won’t be welcome anywhere else. Your programmers earn shitloads of money and they are not even creative to find a better solution.
Maybe it’s time to end your episode of creating games. Shame on you blizz!

At least give us 40€ blizzard coupon for this shit. So we can use the money for your shop if you wanna keep the coins in the company.

Instead of releasing the game like this I would have waited longer and work on it so it can be released as a game and not as a pile of diseases.

Anyway. We are going back to table games to release some anger :rofl:

Im opening this chat while waiting my turn to enter the game. position 204… 15 min.

How you doing guys? we better have a talk meanwhile…

what is this bs for real. i wait like 30 mins to get in and play about 20 mins for a crash.


Just came back home from work, 400 queue rofl :smiley:

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This Queue solution makes no sense and is total shame. STOP THIS!! Enjoyment from the game is totally lost.


I went from 330 to 30 in 30 mins, lots of 333

In the morning after 8 o’clock I waited 15 minutes and I was in line 30 all the time. And now I have a place of 400, I suspect that I would have waited 2 hours. These servers are a failure. Give back the money for that shit!

i tried other servers. omg asian servers i was on queue 1253

It’s because of all the botting now

i was 347 and im 60 and ive waited 29min so good luck

for several miutes still 321
it seems forum writing helps huge jump to 250