Asking a why question

Why do I have to replace fmodex64.dll then play the game muted all the time in order to play the game. I have a 5700xt, the latest 5600x cpu. No probs with any other game including wow or any other blizz games.

I also replaced my screen to a new freesync supported one but no chance. The game is unplayable due to shuttering issues. Can we get a permanent fix? Please…

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  • signed another fan who can play with sound

Ive had this problem since seeason 12 or so. Im not sure currently when it started, but i could look it up in my history in game, because it was then i stopped playing.

Every two minutes or so, i got a freeze for 10-30 seconds. It killed coutless HC chars, and it was worse on HC than on SC.

Now, after a few years, i tried it again on PC. Its even worse.

When i open my inventory, it shows up blank, and it takes 10-20 seconds to LOAD my items/inventory.
Same thing with blacksmith, i see the main window and the items to craft, but the tabs to armor/salvage/repair is gone. Its only visual though, when i hover the mouse over where the tabs “should” be, i see the tooltips of armor/salvage/repair.

And to top it off, im still getting the random 10-30 second freezes every 1-2 minutes.

My pc is completely up to date on everything, HOW can it not run a game from 2012 fine, when it did at launch?

Sure, my PC is now 9 years old, but i bought it for D3 back then, and it was great.
I know there are much better PC’s now, but Geforce 760 SHOULDNT lag at LOWEST graphic settings when i played on HIGHEST when the game launched.

That’s a long-outstanding one we see regularly in the Bug Report / US Technical Support forum and the workaround for that is…

Options > Video > Quality > Texture Quality

Whichever setting this is set to, set it to the other one, apply the change, set it back to the original option, apply the change. This should resolve the slow display of inventory items / blacksmith stuff / kadala stuff for that game session. You may have to re-do this each game session. No known permanent solution, unfortunately.