Back on the Barbarian leaderboard

A couple of days ago, I decided to try pushing non-seasonal again.
Here are the results so far…

The purpose of this thread is just me being happy about my progress.


I am glad that I can share in your joy

Gratz !    

4k paragon and only 129
this is sad

It’s a great achievement and shows that the game is still entertaining. At least if you have the right attitude and spirit. :+1:

I await with eager anticipation details of your highest clear.

Dont feed the trolls bro :smiley:


Happy for you

when i hit your paragon ill make one

I did a bit of a search, and found a screenshot of my Season 20 WW/Rend Barb. That’s the season where you could have any item in the Cube slots but I used a completely standard build, i.e. I did not make use of the theme. Here’s the GR122 clearance I did at paragon 1771…

As your WW/Rend Barb - Machinehead - is paragon 1951 I await your GR123 or better screenshot…

y in the season whit the bufff

Try again.

if you did not use whye you make only 129gr at 4000 paragon
if you make 122 whit 1771 paragon ???
i did not what now???

Meteorblade knows the figures but I believe going seven gr levels up means that monster health is tripled. So there’s a huge difference between 122 and 129.
Another, more important thing, is how many hundreds, or thousands, of keystones you’re willing to spend to fish for the perfect Greater Rift in order to improve your personal record.

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the truth hurts !!!

Mob health increases by 17% for every GR level you go up and it’s cumulative.
Going up seven GR levels is therefore an increase of (1.17)^7 = 3.00124
So, you need triple the damage to succeed.

Going up 2300 paragon levels does not triple your damage. Not even close.
Try again.

Still waiting for your screenshot.

[ EDIT ] - A bit of maths for you…

At the time of the push, my non-seasonal Barb had 4090 paragon.
400 paragon are spent on VIT, 2990 are spent on STR.
He has 625 STR Caldesann’s Despair on all slots.
Here’s a link to current push setup…

Tick Damage: 19,187,057,271
Tornado Damage: 15,236,780,774
DPS: 125,891,196,204

My Season 20 hero had 1771 paragon and 620 STR Caldessan’s Despair on all slots.
Let’s assume the ratio of VIT to STR spending was the same.
400 paragon are spent on VIT, 671 are spent on STR.
She had 620 STR Caldesann’s Despair on all slots.
That’s the equivalent of another 13 paragon levels.
So let’s add that on and say 684 paragon are spent on STR.
Here’s a link to that setup…

Tick Damage: 11,994,328,125
Tornado Damage: 9,524,907,629
DPS: 78,697,858,355

So, using the DPS figures, the paragon difference accounts for…

125,891,196,204 / 78,697,858,355 = 1.5997, i.e. a 60% damage increase.

To go up 7 GR levels, you have to triple your damage.
If that came purely from STR, the required DPS figure would be…

78,697,858,355 * 3 = 236,093,575,065

It takes 8375 paragon spent on STR to get that DPS value, i.e. a hero with 9475 paragon. Remember, I did the clear with 4090 paragon.

and how can you prove its from season 20?
cuz your words are empty like you
mb this is from season 19 when we have bonus dmg
you talk to much but its a f pick and your word this = noting
and sry but at 2k paragon its a big deal cuz this is 2kx5 str=10k str
and tornado damage = crap

Again… Flag this guy, please.

My screenshot was of a 1771 paragon Barb doing a GR122 in 13 minutes 7 seconds. Here’s my Season 20 Record screen…

Post from the US Barbarian forum about the clearance…

Nope, but if you’d like to see my Season 19 stuff…

Post from the US Barbarian forum about the clearance…

I can back up things I say. Can you?
Still waiting for your screenshots…

To be fair, I’d rather people didn’t.
I’d rather refute his arguments than have them silenced.