BUG? Season Journey objectives complete, but no reward


I have the following issue, that I have completed all required objectives of the Conqueror and Guardian part of the Season Journey (see images below), however they both show as “unearned”. The Destroyer part before is achieved. I tried relogging (this issue is present for a few weeks already) and also logging in using another PC, but both didnt help. I would appreciate any help, as I am out of ideas concerning actions from my side. In addition, I would really like to get my well earned rewards :slight_smile:

Apparently I am not allowed to post any links/pictures, so you have to trust me without seeing any pictures ^^

You need to complete all the required objectives of all the levels to earn the rewards of Guardian… so that means all the objectives of Chapters 1 to 4 inclusive, Slayer, Champion, Destroyer, Conqueror AND Guardian. Completing all the objectives of Guardian alone, or of Destroyer, Conqueror and Guardian is therefore not enough… and showing a screenshot that you have done all the objectives of Destroyer, Conqueror and Guardian is therefore pretty useless.

See also : https://eu.diablo3.com/en/blog/23220970/season-19-the-season-of-eternal-conflict-is-now-live-14-11-2019#rewards

We’re bringing back End of Journey rewards as introduced in Season 17, with not one, but two new cosmetic rewards for those who complete the entirety of the Season journey.

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Hi there, lölz!

So Boubou is right on the money, in order to receive the rewards, you need to have finished all of the objectives as above. :slight_smile: Once you’ve done that, you should receive them.



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thank you for your answers. Maybe I didnt express myself clear enough. I am well aware of the fact, that in order to complete one Chapter (lets call all of them Chapters, up to Guardian) of the Season Journey, I have to first complete all previous Chapters, i.e. complete all respective objectives, and then the objectives of the current Chapter.

So Boubou is right on the money, in order to receive the rewards, you need to have finished all of the objectives as above. :slight_smile: Once you’ve done that, you should receive them.

When I said

The Destroyer part before is achieved

I meant that I have completed all Destroyer Objectives and all objectives of the previous chapters. So until here, everything is working as it should, as indicated by the golden frame in the picture:

I have then completed all necessary Objectives for Conqueror and Destroyer, however the rewards show as “unearned”, and I have not received them:

This is the point where I think there is a bug, as I dont see a mistake from my side.

Now… that’s weird… and it does look like a bug.
What does your Profile show for Season 19 Record ?

It shows Destroyer as in the Season Journey Overview:


KK – well… not sure what to suggest…

Have you tried to repair the game : https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/7655

There were a few cases in Bug Report where the Journey was messed up – it caused the Journey panel to be blank. Re-mastering the Set Dungeon corrected the Journey issue. Your issue could be similar… I don’t know.

Unless Blizzard can come up with some other ideas… it appears you are going to have to make a post in the Bug Report forum; if you do… include those screenshots to explain the issue.

P.S. : I’ve never seen anything like this before… and I’ve been following the forums and helping users for over 3 years now.

Thank you for your answer.

I just tried that, it didnt help.
I would prefer to not repair the game, and somehow I also think that the issue must be online and not local on my PC. Especially as I have logged in using another PC.

One thing that comes to my mind, is that within the patch during the season, which fixed the group-joining-bug etc., my record for the objective “Extract 40 cube-powers” was reset to 0. However, as expected by my side, this was only visual. Hence, after extracting 40 powers, the achievement was granted after I had relogged into the game. The bug that I do not earn Conqueror and Guardian persited however.

I will go on an post my issue on the US bug report forum. Maybe they know how to help me. Thanks until here anyway :slight_smile:

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Something is preventing “Conqueror” from being earned… you could try re-doing each of the Conqueror objectives to see if that solves it.

Blizzard doesn’t respond in Bug Report normally… the people who will respond will be players, which is why I suggested that you include those screenshots, so that there is no question that Destroyer is done… and that something is preventing Conqueror from being earned.

Ultimately, someone may have to look at your account in details… and try to figure out why the Journey is messed up… and whether it can be fixed. And only Blizzard can do that.

Good luck !

I’m seeing the exact same issue on my switch. I’ve obtained all the objectives of Champion and Destroyer (and all pre-requisites i.e. all objectives for Slayer and Chapters I through IV) but Champion and Destroyer tell me “You must complete previous step to unlock this.”

I’ve completed all previous steps and was hoping to unlock the rewards before the end of the season, sigh…

Guess I won’t bother attempting Conqueror or Guardian as I probably won’t be able to unlock those either - frustrating… :frowning:

Hi Onig:

Looks like the same issue than @Kirch experienced here:

Posted in Console Bug Report and, a week later, posted this:

Perhaps you should post in Console Bug Report too… and provide as much details as you have… even screen shots.

Good luck !