Can Broken Crown get a fix finally?

I have it equipped on follower with ruby socketed which I need for cube’s caldessan recipe. I just socketed diamond on my character and ofc diamonds started droppping instead of rubys ignoring ruby socketed on follower.


It cannot be fixed because that’s the way “Emanates” works.

The power of the Broken Crown applies to the gem that the hero is wearing in his/her helm.

That is what is meant by:

The Season 23 launch also introduces the new Follower feature Emanate , which allows the player to gain the intended effect of certain Legendary Powers and Set Bonuses when equipped on the hired Follower.


There is a recipe in the cube for changing the colour of the gems… you could change 9 diamonds to 9 rubies. Have a look !

From Kanai's Cube - Game Guide - Diablo III

Best of luck in your games !

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This comes up so often in the Bug Report forum that it has been included in the stickied Things That Are NOT Bugs thread. The crown works just fine, because emanation gives the power to the hero, not to the follower…

20) I’m not getting the correct Gems from Broken Crown on the follower
The emanated power is given to your hero, not to your follower. This means the colour of the extra gems is based on which gem is in your hero’s helm, not your follower’s helm.

Think of emanating items as though they were extra powers granted to your hero by the Cube.

Oh, and for the upcoming season 25, this emanating power will be useless if you have a soul shard in the hero’s helm as the crown only provides extra drops of non-legendary gems. Soul shards are both legendary and not gems. So, when you’re doing farming content (e.g. rifts / bounties) swap out the soul shard for a diamond to get extras.


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From the Hero Selection screen…

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