Cannot get final achivment

Im playing diablo 3 and cannot get the final achivment “IN FOR THE KILL”, for killing Azmodan in under 30 seconds in t13 difficulty.
I kill him with 1 shot on t16, didnt get it, then tried T13, didnt work, then tried t16 again i kill him in under 2 seconds but i cannot get that final achivment!!!


You’re probably killing him too fast… you need to let him time to spawn before killing him… somewhat like those gelatinous goblins. Wait till he starts moving, then kill him.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to reduce your damage :frowning:
( I know… )

Good luck.


Hi, hade the same problem … Boubou is right, just wait a few seconds, let him walk a little … then nuke him … worked for me, tried it 4 times before without waiting … worked 1st time with waiting. Good luck