Can't Finish Darkening of Tristram

Hi I am busy doing Darkening of Tristram and I was wondering if there are
any waypoints to find because I can never finish it because I keep having to
start over because I keep getting disconnected with error msg (1016) just
rite in the middle of it for no reason everything is running fine and my
bandwidth is in the green and then suddenly I just get error (1016)
sometimes it is caused by Rise of the Necromancer advert but I have
already asked about that and you guys told me that it might not register
the advert as dismissed after I click on dismiss because of the disconnect
and the advert then still reappears but one day I waited in the menu for it
to appear and I clicked on dismiss and it still reappears but it is mostly not
caused by that most of the time it is just in the middle of it for no reason I
just get disconnected and it sux when I have completed 4 bounties and I
am just about to finish the final 5th one which took me a long time to do
then just before I can get the reward I get disconnected or I am about to
beat my personal best in a rift and I am at 97% complete and then get disconnected I don’t know if there is much you guys can do to help me
but I thought I would just ask, ok thanks in advance.

Hi no there are no waypoints if you get disconnected you have to start over

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Hi there!

If you are encountering disconnection issues, please try the steps here: