Can't start a game, only available to party leader (not in group)

For some reason the only category I could choose was console discussion (and I had to choose one).

As the title says, I can’t start a game on the PC version. Apparently it’s a bug that has been going on for several months know? Good to know competent Blizz staff are working hard keep this game up to date xD

And before you say “reset your router, clear cache, try creating a new character and entering” you can just stop, because I tried all of that.

Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing with your useless post. I need solutions, not explanations as to why it’s happening.

Same problem here. Somebody help me please.


Have you received a silence in Diablo 3 or another Blizzard game ?

If so, there is currently a bug that prevent silenced players from starting or joining a Diablo 3 game; there is no workaround and the last word on this issue is that Blizzard is looking into it. No ETA for a solution either.

If this is your first silence, it is usually of a short duration… 24 hours usually. You should be able to start or join a game once the silence period has ended.

If you were not silenced… then it could be something related to your account or connection… it may go away on its own or you may have to seek some help from Blizzard. You should be able to post in the Technical Support forum (this forum here is for the discussion of console subject matters) or contact Blizzard directly at:
by clicking the Contact Us button at the bottom of the form and providing the requested info; the compulsory information is your Diagnostic Files and the Description of your issue. You may also include screenshots if you want.


Ran into the same issue today when starting Diablo 3 and getting the “Cannot start a game, only available to party leader”, yet I had just started the game and hadn’t played in over 24 hours.

Long story short, all I had to do was select a different hero (character), Start a game with that hero, then close that game and select the hero that had been locked - bingo, it was all back to normal.

Same Issue dont think ive been silenced no email and never play public games but its a hell of a note that they can keep me from playing a game I paid for just one more reason i wont be buying d4 unless it comes out with an offline mode

Nice necro Jake…

Anyways… try it now, it seems like it’s fixed.

Best of luck in your games !

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