Captured and prisoned in the not working clan

Hello,for about last 14 days,we have critical problems with not working clan.We can not see other members,write to clan chat.Leader and officers are no able invite,kick and make any other actions.All officers left,just some longer time offlne members are still there. Leader DiabloDek#2680 is trapped in the clan. He is not able to disband,leave,change leader to others.No actions for this bug available.He tryied all possibilities ,even those you recomended for this situation.Nothing worked.All active clan members were reinvited to new temporary clan.Now we wait for our leader to join us.I beg you here this way to focus on this technical problem and help us.Thank you.

Hey :slight_smile:
Sorry to hear about your Clan issues.
Ask your friend who is stuck as Leader of the old Clan to try the steps here.

If that does not work he should also try this:

  1. Open the Communities finder (Social button at the bottom-right)
  2. Browse and find a Community
  3. Let your game sit with that Community browser/list open for about 3 minutes and then try to quit the clan.

Hope this helps resolve the issue for him :slight_smile: