Challenge rift lag

whats the deal with challenge rifts? I have been unable to complete any since last week since about half way through the game desyncs and the timer will run out and eventually throw me back to the character select. I’ve tried a reinstall and scan and repair and nothing is working to fix it.

I really wonder who comes up with these crappy challenges and why are they in the way of char developement in the way that they are?
and what is the meaning of them anyways? what are you trying to teach us exactly?
play noobish? suffer for no reason for a long duration? or is it just a way for blizz, like most games out there to capture the gamer’s time with rubish content and throw it into oblivion and for what? screw this, i just came back to the game and am leaving again a week later. GJ blizzard idiocracy

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