Chatty gem or Gibbering Gemstone not dropping

i went in the caverns of the frost for …i don`t remember so many times killed Chiltara only rare items drop ,it is frustrating ,can the staff of hording cannot be made ? i understand it long ago that it has a low drop rate but this …

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I feel you! I’ve spent dozens of hours farming it last summer untill I quited and… finally dropped it during season 26 while I was doing bounties!

2 possible caves. If you have the right cave 50% chiltara spawn chance. gibbering gem drop chance is 1%. you do the math.

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1% is not fun at all , leave game start game and so on …i say it has to many items rerolled and to few (1%) good average items like the primal items with not good stats ,but whatever if people enjoy this i won`t be bothered anymore .

If you think the drop rate for the Gibbering Gemstone is bad, you might want consider why you’re actually trying to gain a Staff of Herding…

Whimsyshire Whimsydale
Accessed by Staff of Herding Portal left behind by Rainbow Goblin
Weapon 1 Spectrum Spectrum
Weapon 2 Horadric Hamburger Horadric Hamburger
Rare Cosmetic Rainbow Portrait Frame Cosmic Wings
Loot levels Poor. Pre-ROS content Excellent. Post-ROS content

Unless you’re specifically hunting for the Rainbow Portrait, there’s very little point these days, and the spawn rate of the mob that drops the portrait frame is way, way lower than the mob you’re currently farming.


I’ve done 42 Whimsyshire runs with an Angry Chicken WD so far (I had never played the WD before so I was reluctant to give it a try but it really feels like the smoothest build for this task) and still no Sir Wiliam.

Do we have a solid estimation of his spawning rate?

Is there any tip to make the farming more efficient? (like if one sees this or that monster, then Sir William cannot spawn - I’ve made a quick research but it seems there is no such tip…)

The farm for the SoH is to sacrifice it on the altar, not farm portrait…pointless

It’s pointless to revive a thread from last year when the altar wasn’t a thing.
Some people also like to do other stuff than farm paragon points and rifts and greater rifts.


Staff is only way to get rainbow portrait frame. It’s also by far easiest way to farm for Spectrum and Horadric Hamburger.

set it to T7, i had the Exact same issue, been farming for a week non stop, even on t16, only taking like 3 mins every try, and nothing, read in a twitter post that on t7 it works, and only took me 20 mins on t7 to get it, and there is a LOT of people reporting the same