Communities intermittent problem (Code 3190000)

Hey there

Been getting this problem recently. I cannot leave/join some communities. A relog helps, but then another relog joins me to the channels I have left.

I don’t know how I can explain better as it’s really inconsistent.

Hey Mikey,

Can you try to switch regions on the app?

  • Log out of Blizzard app.
  • Switch Region to US (if you are playing in the EU)
  • Log back in and start Diablo III
  • Open the Community tab
  • Quit Diablo III, Log out of Blizzard App, switch back region to EU

If that fails, try clearing the files.

Hey Vossprey

Yeah tried that. Didn’t work unfortunately. It seems to be communities that I’ve been in for a while.

Thanks for your assistance.

Someone gave me leader in a community and I can’t leave it even though it still reads me as a member so I can’t give anyone leadership for me to leave. I’m just stuck in this dead community.