Constant Disconnects

I quit playing hard-core on the EU server a while ago, now I’m thinking about quitting altogether, because I’m getting constant disconnects and 1016 errors even on Normal.

I’ve got CenturyLink 1000/1000 fiber optic Internet.

I have used the Windows IP config utility to flush the DNS and reset the network settings, to no avail. Rebooted the router any number of times.

Anybody else getting these problems?

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Hey Stone, with the connection and error issue you’ve mentioned you’ll need to double check you’ve done all the steps from here. Including the advanced steps on the drop down section too.

After that if the issue continues check if you have Razer Chroma or Synapse installed on your system and try disabling it.

Should the issues then persist you can report this further by ticket, providing your system report files and a pingplotter test for your connection.

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I’m about the same. Sick of it. Just lost 48 hours of progress (gear / gems) because of yet another DC. There was supposed to be some protection against this, but obviously not.

Blizzard (Microsoft) has the time - and staff - to churn out $65 reskins for D4 mounts (etc across their franchises), but stuff like this, that’s been a problem for years… meh, blame the players, blame their IP, blame anyone but us…

I have a 1Gb connection with a 45ms ping. It’s not my end.

yes i do (20 characters to post something gf yourselves blizzard,how about that for 20 characters)another ban on free speech,shame yourselves,its getting worse and worse,my original post which i posted 20 minutes ago is allready nowwhere to be found

i’m having the same issue.
my connection is fine, i work for the damn ISP.
i’m playing on a fresh D3 install.
I have not played for years.
I’m unable to play more than 5 minutes in one session.
cba to go through the support system, they are just going to blame me. while i play allot of other live games on steam without issues…
I’m just going to leave blizzard and check out path of exile.