Constant lag spikes

Hi, this is pretty consistent throughout the forums right now but I am seriously getting annoyed with this shit, especially with a company the size of Blizzard.
It doesn’t matter whether or not I’m running GR’s, regular rifts, bounties, or just going through items, I’m getting hit with pretty massive lag spikes, more often than not resulting in constant deaths. I’m actually very glad I didn’t bother selecting to play on Hardcore because this is getting ridiculous.

I have been experiencing these problems on both my MacPro, and PC, both of which are powerful enough to run a whole host of games with no issue, the connection on my end isn’t a problem either as its wired but still, I have these issues.

Bethesda, please for the love of everyone, sort the lag because this can’t continue.

I’m sad to hear you’re having these problems!
To rule out problems on your end though, it really would be best to go through our troubleshooting found here.

Hey Olbyx,

I dont know why any official is respoding to clans unavailable posts . That problem REOCURRED about 15 days ago and a lot of clans are affected. Could you pls say some think about that. I love D3 but I am starting to lose hope of diablo 3 because of lack of support on this problem. I am begging you to make some sort of anouncement. Our clans are down for 15 days