D4 waaay too satanic?

What I’ve seen so far, Diablo 4 looks waaay too satanic for me…
Ofc you can argue, that the main villain was inspired by the Devil itself, but so far I never felt like this before…
I know I will be hated for this, but to be honest, I like the d3 graphics more because of this, the cartoonlike style balances out the darkness
Before with D1-2, the graphics were low, and that balanced out the whole thing
But besides all of this, I feel something strange with this game.
Even though the other games contains things like this, like rituals, cults and such, but with this one, its somehow different.
I know that the fans wanted dark, and gory, but I feel like the creators of this game “falled off the other side of the horse”
Its strange, im in my early 30s, and feel like a lunatic who’s protesting about Harry Potter and witchcraft or something, but still, it does matter what kind of images do we invite into our consciousness


You are the minority. I’m glad you understand that :slight_smile:
I play D3 when kids (3,4,6,8) are in the room but wait until they sleep, so I can play BF5 or D2. There is some level of feel that D3 is not so bad. It’s like they don’t even mind the shiny mess on the screen. I will not show them D4 trailers or even gameplay. I don’t like horror games like Resident Evil but Diablo has this similar kind of vibe that make things serious.


yeah it is actually but in a good way :smiley:


Zothar… did you miss the point that we’re fightning against the evil powers?
And Harry Potter that’s kids’ stuff!


A game named Diablo is somewhat satanic? You don’t say… /sarcasm
No, but seriously. If you’re worried about things like that, stay very far away from this series, since all the games circle around that kind of mythology.


to make up for that thing we will never speak again *cough diablo iii *cough it needs to be way way way more “satanic”
fantasy is warcraft the ocult is diablo, so short that the collectors edition comes in the box with a runeblade dagger and a live rooster for sacrifice before installing, we are good tyvm


Change your icon from Diablo 2 to something else right now. This comment is the worst one ive seen so far on a Diablo 4 discussion.


Yes, I wanted to change, but there’s a “maintenance” right now
I’ve changed to this after the phone incident last year…

Have you ever played Diablo 1 and 2? The pentagrams everywhere? Have you watched the Cutscene when baal killed the Barbarian in the act 5 and his minions of hell stormed the Barbarian’s sacred grounds? The people chained to tables with their limbs removed or guts hanging out?

If you don’t like the lore of Diablo, then Diablo isn’t the game for you then and that’s being really real with you and I wouldn’t try to ruin it for the 99% who have been asking for this for years.


If it’s too much for you then pass. The whole point of these series are dark, gory, grim hunting of all satanic creatures while surviving the horror they lay upon us.

It’s literally in the name, Satan/hell and everything that has to do with them, if you prefer the cartoonish looks because it makes you feel less involved with the game then I’d say stay with D3 or choose a different game.

This has been one of the most promising things about the title we’ve seen so far, seemingly great content, graphics etc… A

nd while the opinion of the minority is important in the end it’s the hardcore playerbase that will keep the game running, who will enjoy it and provides content for others to consume. This generates interest and interest = more players = more effort from Blizzard to make the game even better in the long run and provide more content for us.


To be honest, I find D2 to be more satanic, evil and dark than what we have seen from D4. When D2 was new, the graphics was really nice and the trailers were serious stuff. I guess your reaction is exactly what makes it so satisfying to beat the sh** out of the devil in the end.

It’s funny, that every “negative” emotion, like frustration from dying, being “shocked” from images or being angry from being repeatedly killed in PvP is considered to be a bad thing by most people. All these things immerse you into a game and give you a whole different palette of rewards (besides plain loot or “achievements”) when overcoming these feelings by reaching your goals. In a lot of games, that are not mainstream, these emotions are systematically used, which I find to be great. (see older games, which were e.g. super hard, without saving options or with danger to screw up your character or save game completely)


…am I really reading this properly…
This iz the diablo universe…every game has its own theme…dont like it…dont play it…


The more “satanic” the esthetic the better.


El Diablo (Spanish) = The Devil (English)


d4 is maby satanic but that is good, how else make it dark ? was little dissapointed tough when i saw that new andariel artwork, with censored boobs and Druid being too bulky and limited on shapeshifting only to bear and werewolf and no shapeshifting to some meat eating plants… i wonder how they decided to to let out that arty pet Queen of succubi in D3.

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Haha damn you’re serious? It’s a reskinned version of Diablo 3. Even the sounds are completely the same. There’s even a freakin treasure goblin in it and the enemy skills are just the same as in D3 and it plays exactly the same way. At first I thought that some dude just used a mod to D3 to change the inventory and create a druid character and made a hoax video, but this is really Diablo 4 gameplay! This kind of lazy production is worse than the FIFA series.

Tell me this isn’t just Diablo 3 but with runes? I’m not even looking forward to it …

Oh well, back to Diablo 2.

This^^^^^…says it all

Ps i laught my ass off :)))

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Play some Dark Souls dude and You will change your mind lol.

Have fun… :sleeping:

While some might feel the game is either too dark, or really nice. I wouldn’t say no to more gore, more blood, more limbs, more chilling stories, more close to impossible quests and more “satanic” stuff, which to me is just wicca or common alchemy dark design, or mishmash of mythologies / religions. Its goth, even though the first area is celtic.

I welcome the darkness, I wish it was more nightmarish, but thats just me.