Diablo 3 causes system freezes

The game and also OS freeze while I’m playing. I can’t play a whole hour without freezing. I have to switch off the PC using the power button. I have Radeon 5700XT with Ryzen 5 3600 and Windows 11. I can play other games without any issues, only Diablo 3 causes this problem. I have updated all drivers and re-installed the game but nothing changed. Any ideas?


Generally speaking, applications of any kind (games included), cannot actually “freeze” a computer on their own- if that occurs, an element of the hardware or operating system must have encountered a critical condition it couldn’t successfully recover from (e.g., the famous “bluescreen” crash, although the name-giving screen doesn’t always pop up).

The MSINFO/DXDIAG logs of the computer may reveal what is actually going on behind the scenes - please feel free to upload them to a service like pastebin, and to post the link here. :slight_smile: