Diablo 3 Ram memory Spikes

Hi, this is directed to Blizzard more so than to the fellow forum members, I did want to use the contact us option, however it does seem to require quite a bit of mandatory steps - some of which I am unable to complete. Here is the issue: I am running Diablo 3 on the following software: Manjaro KDE OS, using up-to-date graphic card drivers, vulcan, mesa, kernel, all software is up-to-date; hardware: Ryzen 3 2200G APU processor, using its integrated Vega 8 graphics card, 16 gigs of dual channel ram memory. I have 0 issues running any blizzard game, including Diablo 3, using Lutris/Wine. No issues installing and running the game - performance is the same that it is under Windows. After about 2 hours of game time, after gradually increasing, the ram usage becomes insane - 9+ gigs from the game alone. That results in the OS having to use swap memory, since it ends up running out of ram. That results in ingame slutter/lag. What is causing this, I am 100% sure it is not my software/hardware’s fault? I did take time searching on the web for people with the same issue - turns out, there are. That is why my question is directed mainly at blizzard - will there be any fix/patch to this? Recommended requirements are 6 gigs, so there is no logical reason the game should spike to 9+… Thank you for your time!

Did not know Linux was supported LOL, if only happening on wine, then I guess you wont get any help as it is not supported.

The OS has nothing to do with this - as I noted above, I don’t have any problems with the game in comparison of running it under Windows. The Ram memory leakage has happened to people running Windows 10, with everything up-to-date and hardware more than capable of running the game.

I had Task Manager open for a couple of hours last night whilst I played Diablo III and occasionally alt-tabbed to it to see the memory usage. Least was around 900MB, highest around 1.5GB, so I have no idea why you’re seeing it spike to 9GB. Their standard response to this in your case, however, is likely to be that D3 isn’t supported on Unix, so even though you’re running under Wine, they won’t touch it.

What I found out to work for me is to set the game to run with the 32 bit launcher - this way, ram usage stays at around 3 GB.

"I am 100% sure it is not my software/hardware’s fault? "

But you not running on a supported OS, so logic says you would be wrong.

Same problem Win 10, Diablo 3 (64 bit) continues to take memory even when I’m afk and will go over 10g until my comp completely freezes, reinstalled, no dice.
Ryzen 7 3700X, Geforce GTX 1060, 16g of ram. Any solutions yet, this is all over the net.