Diablo 3 Won't Start - Fresh install

I just finished installing Diablo 3, and can’t get it to start. Yes, to cut off the most basic question first: my machine far surpasses the recommended specs.

To be as specific as possible: When I click “Play” in the Battle.net app, the Diablo III Logo shows up, the battle.net App shows “Launching” then "Playing Now. The game appears to load, I see a grey screen, then for a brief instant I see the diablo-style mouse on a black screen as if the game is about to load, but then it just crashes with “The application encountered an unexpected error.”

Report ID: 5EF68020-805B-4C6D-AD4E-0BA7395587D4

Just now, while writing this post I had the exact same experience except that while the splash screen logo was up I clicked onto my second monitor to update this post and the game loaded and I can see an ancient character (from many moons ago when I used to play) but when I click on the game window to bring it to the foreground it instantly crashes. This time with Report ID: EAD52916-023C-41ED-A5EB-E6B595DCD660

I’ve already run through everything I could find on the forum including:

*Updating my nvidia drivers
*Resetting the default settings using the Battle.net app.
*Setting DisableChromaEffects “1” in D3Prefs.txt
*Removing all Razer Software and ensuring the .dll files are no longer present
*Running the Repair tool
*Running SFC /SCANNOW (No issues found)
*Disabling Discord’s Overlay feature, and running the game without Discord running.

I’m out of things I can try without support or direction.



Yeah, the Report ID changes every single time you crash… because it’s the « serial number » for your crash, a unique number that Blizzard can use to get (sometimes) more info on that particular crash.

Have you tried to close all the background applications to check whether another app is causing issues with Diablo III ?

If you want to, you can create your DxDiag report, upload it to pastebin, and post a link to your pastebin file here…

Your other alternative is to contact Blizzard Support directly with a ticket. Your BattleTag number starts with a “1”; normally, that would indicate a Americas region player. This forum here is Europe region… so I’m a bit confused. In any case, here are the links to contact Blizzard with a ticket… for both regions :slight_smile: even if your web profile shows that you only have a hero on Americas :

Submitting a ticket is the way I would go. If you do submit a ticket, provide a list of all the troubleshooting you have already done… so they don’t ask you to do it again.

Good luck with this.

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I have tried restarting with no startup apps and just running Battle.net and Diablo 3, and met the same result.

Per the multiple Report IDs, I know they are different, I just thought it was worth mentioning that when the game was starting up in the background it seemed to load just fine until I brought it back to the foreground.

For the region: I travel back and forth between the US and the EU a lot. My “main” region would be the US, but currently I’m in the EU. I apologize that I didn’t notice that I was directed to the EU forums when I went for help.


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I did a fresh install yesterday and Diablo III keeps crashing like you said. Haven’t been able to fix it.

Could you both try uninstalling Corsair utility engine? It seems likely to be the cause here.

If you do have any Razer apps installed, we’d also recommend uninstalling them and clearing the following files if you continue experiencing issues:


I am having this same issue