Diablo 4 feedback (From a former D2 No. 1 HC ladder player)

D4 must have something similar to Greater Rifts, and PVP should not be the main endgame. And please don’t lock the skilltree, it will prevent many players from finding builds that they enjoy playing. Not everyone have time to grind for years before finding a build that they actually like playing in the endgame. D4 should definitely be closer to D3 than D2, IMO.

Being Rank 1 in D2 should not give anyone more influence in the development, it shows what kind of life you have, and that you are skilled within the given form, nothing more.

I understand that Mr. Lama is a D2 speedrun guru, but he has barely played through the campaign of D3, which is not enough to understand what makes the endgame interesting. Meaning that he haven’t played D3. Who is he to say “D3 players don’t matter”. The “community” he is referring to are like-minded people and/or his friends, it doesn’t count for all the players who played D3 for years and still are playing it.

i agree to what he says regarding large numbers and itemization. However, the endgame in D4 should in no way resemble Baal-runs or anything like that. GRs are a thousand times more fun.

Mostly an anti-piracy measure. You’ll play on their servers if you have the game (in truth part of it because you need the server).
For instance, one could play the Wings of Liberty campaign offline on a hacked version.

dont bother saying something about pvp if you dont even care ok and yes endgame should be 1 of the things called pvp. i allready stated some ideas that concerns everyone who wants too and people that dont your just saying you dont like pvp thats all youre saying we dont care if you dont like it because we can understand you dont like it because youre probably a pveer. so stay in that zone.

If PvP will be the main endgame, and GR is removed, then I will not buy D4. I say that because most D2 players agree that PvP (and maybe speedruns) should be the main endgame and that GR should be removed. I, and most people who play D3 actually enjoy timed rifts (GR) and there are many of us, we are just not as vocal as old D2 dudes.

Personally, I think the endgame in D2 sux. Thats why I spent over 8000 hours playing D3 and under 500 hours playing D2. People are different.

Being Rank 1 or veteran or whatever in D2 doesn’t mean you speak for everyone, you speak for yourself, period.

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wth are you talking about speak for yourself you talk about the pvp players you speak for yourself jesus whats wrong with these little baby cryers, so stay in d3 and dont play d4 like we didnt play d3 and stayed with d2.

I am fekking annoyed seeing another D2 guru who thinks he speaks for everyone when it comes to the development of D4, and because it is in human psychology to overly respect and fear so called “gurus”, like yourself. That is why D3 players say nothing, they are afraid to step on the toes of the old bitter D2 gurus.

If the endgame of D4 will resemble D2 more than D3, then I will stick with D3, trust me. Grift or die.

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Bullseye! Nothing more to say. Everything here is on point. Bring back trading and remove those horrible paragon levels. Bring back d2 leveling.

Better: do introduce morphs, but don’t make them the same on all characters [of the same class]. For example, Barbarian could get more bulky, but the only change would be extra muscles, with all the gear still visible.

you got your grifts allready its called keyed dungeons now and if it makes you feel better grifts aint that bad of an endgame its just that thats all it was. and im a pvper so. ,im sick of playing first person shooter games okay (i dont like wow too childish for me) so im waiting for d4 and hopes it goes back to its mature roots and pvp. i also hope they do something about the berseker mode and all the other uber modes in d3 where you turn into another shape like a super saiyan they should remain standard.

And you will get your PvP, now let the ones who likes GR have that opportunity in D4, and don’t act like everything from D3 will destroy your sacred vision of Diablo. Thanks. (From former D3 Rank 1 HC and SC Demon Hunter).

I also dont like the fact that i have to wear all the set items again to look like evil knevil they can just make more sets within the rare grade and split them all over the world. which is my way of seeing things.
because then im also done playing.

Rawr. Stop trashing DIII just because it has a different aesthetic than the first two games. Its not the trash heap many of you say it is.

Honestly, if you think of it as the triumphant conclusion to a trilogy that was pretty dark and grim, it makes sense for the third story to be a bit more lighthearted in appearance and tone. Nevermind the fact that there are still some really dark elements in the story itself (Leah’s whole arc ending with her permanent possession and death for one).

Dark and Grim =/= good. You don’t want players to be building up tension and grimness all the time. You want some form of balance and moments of tension relief too. Some parts need to be serious and other parts need to be a bit more lighthearted.

So quit acting like you have a stick up your butts and take a chill pill. D3 was a good game (after it got several patches). Yeah, it was a bit rough around the edges, but I enjoyed it… and you should’ve too. Stop taking yourselves so seriously about a flipping game and relax.

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NOTHING from Diablo 3 should be added in Diablo 4 NOTHINGGGG. No grater rifts , no rifts , no bountyes no whymsishire , no lesbian DIABLO character NOTHING>>>> Either brainstorm and check other games that do it well either copy the best ideas that diablo 1 and 2 had.
PVP should be related to end game.
Leveling should be caped at lvl 99 or 100 whitout paragon or any other’‘hold my hand pls’’ mechanics
Tradeing should be free for all tipes of items
And all itemisation should be reworked and even removed in some cases (ancient items) from attack /deffence stats to real stats. (check poe , grim dawn , diablo 1 and 2 items) etc.
End game content should be multiple choices whit punishing consequences
Crafting mechanics should be revisited and made so that all items have meaning (white,blue,rare) etc.

And the most important thing im my opinion game speed should be moderate even at top tier levels , no one shotting entire screens and bosses Pleaseee.

P.s for some of you that realy dont understand the concept of diablo .

Diablo , Satan , Bielzebub , Lucifer all different names same character. The game has to be dark , bloody and gruesome. It has no place for rainbows and unicorns.So if you dont like that maby chose a other game like candy crush. Diablo 2 has succes even today becouse of this factors. Diablo 1 for those who know and remember playing the first time and hearing ‘Freash meat’’ at least for me made me shut down my pc…20 year old games still played today. i wonder why!!!

Question: How many of you that post in this tread are still playing Diablo 3? Im not . left it about 2 years ago

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Who said D4 should be bright and cartoony. You are full of c.rap. I say Grift or die, and screw PvP and speeruns as the only endgame.

That is the attitude of bitter D2 dudes, you don’t even have a reason to attack D3 players other than what you conjure up in your mind. People like that ain’t worth talking to because they speak to themselves only. It shows very well in your post. And lol, Lucifer and Beelzebub are two different entities according to ancient religion, it has been simplified through brainwashing in modern times into one “Devil”. Read some occult history.

Answer to your question: I still play D3, a lot more than D2.

1 . i never sed i like end game beeing pvp and speed runs. I seed game speed should be moderate and pvp should be a end game option.
2. I reapet myself if you like brainless grifting speeding around thats your choice unfortunetley for you the majority of the comunity kinda hates Diablo 3. for one reason or a other game still sucks. And blizzard knows it just wont admit it.If diablo 4 whould be anything like Diablo 3 is gonna be a fail from the start.Only good thing about diablo 3 is that its bliizard made game and its buggles and very pollished the rest…dont need to say.

Oh yeah one more thing im not attacking diablo 3 players you dumdum. Im attacking the game :)).I have nothing against the comunity and its people no mather the games they play my problems are with the poor choices that where made in creating that blasphemy of a game.

and for reasons here are a few.

Mindless hamster well (paragon)
Infinite scaleing dificulty system (GR)
Extremley poor itemisation choices (basicly you have set or shit)
Basicly no crafting once lvl 70
Lesbian Diablo
Lvl 1-70 in about 2 minutes.
One shotting evreything
Game speed higher than my ramms.:slight_smile:

I could go on and on and on…so its not conjured up in my mind its a FACT.

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There are many things wrong with D3, you are just describing those things, not what D3 players actually care about, so yes, your vision of D3 players is totally made up and BS. Very few, if anybody wants hamster wheel, bright colors, set items, etc. BTW: GR levels are not infinite, it ends at GR 150, and you won’t one shot anything there.

But go on, you can talk to yourself and the so called “community”, which is small group of like minded D2 fanatics. Trust me when I say it doesn’t represent the entirety of Diablo fans.

Dude your high… I never sed anyhting about players are you tripping? All what im saying is about the game not the players. ‘‘Very few, if anybody wants hamster wheel, bright colors, set items’’ your words , you dont want them but you have them in the game exactcly as describied. isnt it a bit strange that you speak of disliking these things but at the same time you mentioned dont minding them?? just saying.And there are not many things wrong with diablo 3 , evreything is wrong in that game :slight_smile: besides what i allready sed beeing a polished and buggles game thats blizzards advantage. The rest is just a kids game.

So if diablo 3 players dont care about paragon , Gr , itemisation , crafting and so forth ‘‘There are many things wrong with D3, you are just describing those things, not what D3 players actually care about’’ your words again, what do they care about if you speak for all of them as i see??? :slight_smile: please enlighten me?? Im realy curious if what the base game dosent interest you than what does??

Where did I say I don’t mind those things? Anyway, there are many things I dislike about D2, but I rather focus on the stuff that I do like and that should be brought into D4, as the artstyle. I have already said that GRs are superior to speedruns and PvP (for me), and that I will not play D4 if the endgame resembles D2 more than D3. I am out, this is going in circle. That is what happens when talking to people who are brainwashed, and hiding behind the “community” that brainwashed them.

im not hiding , you just cant bring a argument about why you play diablo 3 when your contradicting yourself. Your going in circles not me. I sed why i dont like the game with valid reasons and facts. You sed i described whats wrong in diablo 3 (that beeing the core gameplay) and when asking you what you like about it you have nothing to say?.And whe where not talking about diablo 2 whe where talking about diablo 3 .Im speaking for myslef not the comunity i dont use plurall in my words , when you defend a game that was made wrong from the start and taking into account that others might agree with you.

In D3 I like that you can change your skills so you don’t have to play for a year before finding a build you enjoy in the endgame. I like Grifts. I like the QOL. I like to gather a bunch of mobs so that the team can advance faster in GR. I like the teamplay that GR brings, as well as pushing solo GR. I like the sounds. I even like the graphics, though I wish it was darker and more horrifying. I like that you don’t have to run from town and find your body everytime you die. I like that you can’t buy your gear on Ebay. To say some things. Though I have no intention in taking away aspects that D2 players want as long as they don’t conflict with mine. Removing GRs, locking the skilltree and free trading conflicts with my reason to play Diablo.

I have already mention some of that earlier.

The OP even said GR are not that bad of an endgame, then perhaps its better to suggest changes to it rather than dropping the entire concept.