Diablo III PTR 2.7.7 - Has Concluded

Diablo III PTR 2.7.7 - Has Concluded

The Diablo III Patch 2.7.7 PTR begins on December 5 and lasts one week. Join us in testing the returning Rites of Sanctuary and Visions of Enmity Season Themes and balance changes for all Classes.

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When will we find out the start date for season 30? PLS make it this year

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When Blizzard will announce the date, like every time.

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@Strix When are you going to be helpful, instead of just pretending?

@Clunez It may be first week of next year.

Strix = a Strict answer.

The other answer, “it may be first week of the new year”. Does that relate to when season starts or when we get the answer?

Besides the one asking seems to be a seasoned D3 player with lots of experience.
I’m sure we’ll know more before the Christmas Holidays. :christmas_tree:

Ok, I’ll rephrase my answer:
Maybe before the end of the year, maybe at the beginning of the next year.

Is it more useful like that?

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what time it starts?

No exact time given. Look here:


This gets asked each PTR…

It’s currently 08:41 Pacific Time, i.e. don’t expect the PTR for many hours yet.


It’s a good idea to look in the us ptr feedback and ptr bug report forums.

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Just a small suggestion that I believe has been posted by others: The altar of requirement should become a permanent feature in the game, regardless of season vs non-season.

From my side, I would suggest that instead of debuffing/weakening item sets and characters, extend the torment levels, probably 6 more levels taking it up to 24, which provides an incentive to further tweak and optimise gear.

Overpowered at T16 (Grift LV75) does not necessarily translate to overpowered at LV100 in a greater rift, solo or group, and weakening sets just removes the incentive to push higher. It’s got to be a balance between player enjoyment and a challenge, and increasing the torment levels up to at least 24 would provide this challenge.

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The Altar is going to be in the game permanently, both season and non season. We are supposed to have it in non season with next patch - even though it is not in non season in the PTR right now.

Higher torment levels are highly unlikely. We’ll have to make do with the greater rift scaling that we have now.


Seems they changed their mind. The PTR blog article was changed to (emphasis mine):

We welcome you to the Diablo III Patch 2.7.7 PTR. From December 5–12 , we’ll need your help in testing balance changes for all Classes and 2 returning Season themes that are being permanently added to the game for Seasonal mode—Rites of Sanctuary and Visions of Enmity.


Thanks for the info. :+1:
No thanks to Blizzard :angry: