Diablo IV Price is way too high

70 euro for the basic edition realy? thats way too much if it has a battle pass included to leach money from, if it isn’t lowered i see no point in buying it


I don’t like playing the devil’s advocate here but game prices haven’t followed the inflaltion over the years and 70€ is actually lower what the price should be according to inflation.

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It is, however, 17% higher than the same game in Canada, and 10% higher than the US.


70$ is too much for poor eastern countries like Ukraine lmao where average salary is barely 250$ a month. And they want 100+$ for the Ultimate edition + future cash-grab battle passes? pathetic


The price differences due to exchange rates and different taxing systems between different regions are a whole different matter. I was talking about inflation. If game prices followed inflation more accurately, the standard price for a AAA game would around 85€, not 70€.

So everyone should be grateful it is “only” 70€.


The PS5 standard edition price converts to 85 euro in my country. Its fing disgusting greed. And that’s a game with a battle pass and MTX shop, mind you.


Its 85 euro for standard edition on the PS5.

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In my country the exchange rate makes the 70 Euro price about 2 euros more expensive compared to dollars. Just about 3% more expensive.


The tier skips are not worth it in my opinion (it may even be detrimental to the game experience and getting the tiers shouldn’t be difficult just by playing normally). You do get some extra cosmetics by paying more though.


I agree that the price is too high. Also because it is in digital form. If it was on a CD or a USB stick, I would say that it is ok. but €70 for a digital key, no thanks.


Problem is, the game will come with a cash shop and battle passes. Also it’s a iso rpg, not the most popular genre, games in this category are either free to play or ~40$. If it was a fully one time purchase to have all content, sure 70$ would be acceptable for a blizzard game. But here, we’re talking about a live service with extra content behind paywall, which will be their main revenue I can guarantee it.


Yep, it’s surprising they went with the F2P-BP model and yet still expect people to pay upfront as if it wasn’t. The greed is real and let’s face it, the D4 gameplay videos look almost like a graphically-updated D3; there’s literally nothing exciting about D4 unless you’re totally new to the Diablo franchise.


I usually dont get into these kind of discussions but I have to agree this time.
What makes this game so diferent that justifies 70€? So far, from the footage we have access to, it seems pretty similar in mechanics to other Diablo games in many ways.
The market is changing, prices are going up in many areas but why are you raising prices for SW when its mainly HW and logistics that had it’s cost risen?
Still had a lot more to write about games being made for fun, not business, althought I understand the business part of it.
Forging partnerships and bringing in investors is the way to go.


Can you please list what makes this game AAA and what might not be according to the classification?

It’s expensive. But since I rarely buy computer games the prize isn’t that much of an issue to me.

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In the UK, the three versions of the game available are £60, £80 or £90. If I’m going to buy a game costing that sort of money, I absolutely expect to get 100% of the game, i.e. not have to trickle-fund stuff in addition to the (high) base price.

The game’s not out for another six months anyway, and there’s no way I’m pre-ordering it. So, I guess I’ll wait for reviews of the live game, see the price of the battle pass, and decide whether to bother at all.


I had the impression that anyone could beta test the game before buying. But it seems that you have to preorder to get beta access?

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Blizzard used to make good games with decent pricing. I pre-ordered many of them. However with [WC3:Reforged] and [D:Immortal], and with increased price tag for D4, I would NOT consider to pre-purchase this game. Wait till they release, wait till reviews are out and wait till discounts. Might as well spend the money in some other decent games, I hope Blizzard learnt from their lesson, otherwise bye


lol i payed 99.99 dollar…and i hope not you will ruin diablo 4 by the matter of time like diablo 3…and if you planing to do so…i want my money back

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70 to 100 € for a game you will probably play for years is too much?
That is pathetic.
What would be appropriate?
For free at best, right?

And just for the record - nobody need to have the ultimate edidtion to play the game and you can be at least honest when arguing average income in different countries.