Error code 1 hello?

What does this even mean and why is it happening now? Seems wow retail and classic is working fine but D3 isn’t working right now for me. EDIT: Well apparently it’s maintenance time. Why not just have it say it in the launcher?

Hey Snike,

Just to make sure, have you since been able to login and play again?

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

I am getting error 2, and cant login.

I’ve been getting too much error code 1,2,1001 or 1006…unable to connect to blizzard server…

I have tried :

  1. Reset my network
  2. Reinstall my game
  3. Set to public DNS
  4. Powercycle both my laptop and my network
  5. unplug any devices connected to my router(just to make sure)
  6. tried running compatibility win 7

Nothing works…this is really getting tiresome looking at this issue…please help!